Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~14000 word post

A couple of friends decided to meet up for lunch and catch up on each other cos one of their friend was back home for a short break.

let me introduce the characters to you before i continue my story.

The poser (with a calligraphic capital P) (POSER)

L-R: The Batman (BATMAN) and Rowdy Ranggamma (RR)

And yours truly, Camera nose (CN)

Just like any other sane person would be, the characters in this story are the same... except that the word sane doesnt defy them the same way as it does for others....

to these ppl sane means, being themselves, having fun, laughing at each other n at themselves, and entertaining their audience at their own cost.

they are never seen without a camera, especially CN...

otherwise, how will u ever be able to capture moments that will never come by again??


these species are not meant to be normal... but they are normal against the odds though... the probability is very less anyways

and vanity runs in their blood.... i'm sorry but thats incurable...

PS: a pic says a 1000 words.. thats y this is ~14000 words post


Monday, April 27, 2009

how do u sleep?

Location : KLIA
Time : ~4pm
Date : 28th March 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

the thing about travelling

its really fun to be able to go to so many different places, and experience the culture there, and get to see and do new things, try new food, try a hand in new activities and make new friends....


yes.. there's always a but in between nice things...lets not forget the things that are not so nice,

there are a lot of things that u need to do before and after travelling... like

- packing and unpacking
ok, packing might not be so difficult if u're going back home where u know u have some clothes left. so, its ok even if u have to run to d airport rite after ur exam or some important meeting. u can chuck a pair of jeans and a few tops and some basic toileteries into ur suitcase and u're ready to go. but unpacking after u've come back from ur trip is something which u wouldnt wanna do if given a choice. cos there's guaranteed to be a lot more stuff than those that u took with u when u went. doing the laundry might not be ur worse nightmare, but eating a chocolate brownie which u brought from home that tastes like ur expensive Christian Dior Poison perfume would be one. well, this happens when u dont pack properly, or even when u think u've packed everything properly. wats worse than that is, seeing ur favourite perfume has spilled over ur clothes and comb and floormat! another thing with packing/unpacking is that u're bound to see many broken stuff in ur suitcase. if it's ur favourite hair clip or comb or watever... 'dont get disheartened...' thats all i can say to u.

- carrying ur luggage around
did u know that even 15 kilos can be as heavy as 51 kilos! and u'd not be lucky enough to have someone help u pull that bag full of stones all the time. my best bet would be that u'll have to carry it on ur own up n down the stairs/bus/cab/hill. trust me when i say that u shouldnt try dragging ur suitcase up the stairs or pushing it down the stairs. its easy to be said, but not as easy to face the consequences within a few minutes.

- the flight itself
if u're the kind who talks to every tim, dick and donkey and kills the hell out of the passenger next to u, u dont have to read this. u'd survive any situation cos u'd literally strangle anyone next to u. but if u;re the kind who likes to keep to urself, watch a movie or two, listen to music and not talk to strangers... beware.. life will not be tolerable all the time. if u're stuck sitting next to a big, fat man who smells like he's just had his shower in a pool of cigarette smoke... 'sigh.. i'm sorry for u'. and if there's no in-flight screening, or head sets to listen to music, or no books to read... may God bless ur soul.

- and the worse one would be the jetlag and consequences of sitting still in ur seat for 14 hours
look, it really doesnt matter if u have to trouble the person sitting next to u to get off his seat so that u can move around a little bit. if he complains or grunts or even as much as hesitates for a second... u give him good that he wouldnt even wanna sit next to u! cos its u in d end who has to suffer with a stiff neck, and messed up back and jammed knees and God knows wat else. and it doesnt even matter if u have to jump over him and get out... step on him and go if he refuses to move! that'll teach him good.

Friday, April 24, 2009

i'm very pleased with myself today

... with how i looked like actually....

i wore skinny jeans (not that skinny), and a shirt that has become a size too tight for me now (but i still wore it), my long black leather jacket, long earrings, brown and gold stripped hat(it was something like this, but not this), my new black pump shoes, and i let down my hair.

i looked stunning!

if i say so myself... then i really did look good! LOL

all my friends who saw me today told me that i looked really nice. even strangers on the street actually stopped to compliment me! :D

n of all the days, i did not take a pic of myself today

Thursday, April 23, 2009

U know u're back being all alone

when all u get is it this

compared to wat u get when u're with family and friends

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Air Asia D7 2008, 19th April 2009

(Wrote this while i was ony my way back-that would explain the confused present n past tenses! For simplicity's sake, its all in Malaysian time)

4.45 pm

Boarded the flight, while praying very hard that no one sits next to me. (the last I checked, there wasn’t anyone who was booked next to me. I’m hoping it stays that way!pls Lord). No one was seated in 25B, I was obviously overjoyed thinking there wasn’t gonna be someone after all. I happily made myself comfortable and kept my jacket on the empty seat next to me. I carefully avoid eye contact with anyone who was walking pass me.. for fear that they might be sitting in 25B.


An elderly English man with a huge tummy and bad cigarette breath stops along seat 25 n stared at me. Oh no… he’s gonna be sitting here!! I gingerly take away my jacket n let him sit. If given a choice I don’t wanna take my jacket away at all!!


He’s taken up the entire arm rest!! That’s not fair! its not meant only for him ok, I wanna put my hand on that damned thing as well! Ggrr!!!


Oh no.. he snores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I woke up to a view something like this out the window (I woke up mainly because of the snoring that came from 25 B!!!),

and was staring at it for a few seconds and I thought we were flying over some ocean. When I kept looking at it… the ocean was very very strangely still, not one bit of water movement… ) n then I looked at the clouds n I thought that was very strange too.. cos even that wasn’t moving.. then I started panicking thinking that the flight was d one that wasn’t moving n that something was wrong! I thought I had missed some emergency announcement on the PA system while I was sleeping. I looked a little longer n I realized I was looking that the flight wing n thought it was d ocean!


Gave up trying to use the stupid head/neck rest that I went hunting for while back home.

Its meant to be comfortable… not hurt my neck even more. I hate long journeys… my neck n my back always gets messed up and I have to live with that for the next few days! The picture clearly says I was supposed to use it like how I did… but it didn’t help at all… n now its sitting on my left arm rest.

(good job Chumi! 1st u go hunting for it high n low, n now u let the arm rest use a nexk/head rest....how considerate of u!)


look at the menu... i get two meals.. :D

when those going to Aussie and China only get one meal!! HHAHAH

ETA : it was hopeless! My dinner. This is wat u get for taking Air Asia for a looooong distance journey. Emirates gave me two extensive meals last year

n look at wat Air Asia is giving me now…

its not that I am putting air asia down… but I expect a lot more from an air lines that charges its passengers enough to be a bit more high standard. (I’ll talk about air asia another day)


The couple in front of me is kissing… I hope its not a French kiss. Can u like wait till u get back home… or just go to the loo!


I don’t know where we are.. .but its this bright at 9pm Malaysian time.

So may people are walking up n down.. while I’m so glued to my seat. I cant get out of my place cos this man next to me is sleeping like a log n I cant possibly jumpm over him… there’s absolutely no room for that. If I ever try to get out of my seat, I’ll only end up tripping over him.. I might as well stay put. Who cares if my legs go numb or my knees get jammed in that same position. I’m not risking it.


There’s a kid jumping around on the seat n happily talking an playing with the toy that the air hostess gave her. I also wan….


I’m writing this in a font size of 7 cos I don’t want the man next to me to read it. For the life of myself, I can t even read wat I’m typing… so I’m pretty sure he cant either.


Can I get out of here already??? There’s another 9 hours to reach London, and then 8 hours in London airport n another 2 hours plus to Glasgow. Ok, I am gonna make a promise to myself that I hope to keep up with for the sake of my sanity and … just for my sanity. I, Chumi/Lucky/Lakshmi am not going to get myself into another long long long bloody long journey in anything less than 8 months!! I don’t even think I can t tolerate it 8 months later… but I don’t think Glasgow will be too happy to keep me for longer than that without a visa. Sigh


Y cant I sleep!? I’ve got nothing else to do!! Y on earth did air asia rip off all the mini screens from every seat and flight!?

N they didn’t even give headphones. Wat were there expecting us to do for 14 bloody hours?! Lay eggs ah?!! I should have brought a book. I do have a book actually… but Medical Genetics laboratory book is not something that I wanna read now. I’d rather stare out the window like some psycho kid rather that read my lab manual now!!


I just saw a lighting!! How can there be lighting above the clouds??! Oh… I think it was just a reflection

My laptop battery is gonna die soon.. I wonder if there’s any port to charge my laptop, or they might even charge me for that!

Oh, I forgot to write this earlier: about 4 hours ago when I switched on my laptop, I switched on my wifi too….i was hoping to get some wifi signlas… but I have no idea where from though n I have no idea wat I was thinking….

okay, are u done laughing… ?


Why did this man have to come n sit next to me.. I cant even move my legs now!! I wanna get out of here! Everyone around me is sleeping peacefully. I’m d only one who’s wide awake .. like an owl!!

Its during times like this when I wish I had taken an aisle seat. But when I do have an aisle seat, I so badly wished I didn’t, cos when the others in ur row of seat wants to get out, u’ll have to get up too. Aisle seat also cannot, window seat also cannot… the only solution is to sit alone. I don’t understand y the flights these days are so full! There’s recession that is hitting ur country people! Stay at home n save money. Don’t go travelling like this as if its nobody’s business!!


Have I mentioned that I wanna get out of here already? Y isn’t UK n Malaysia much nearer. It would have made life much simpler and easier for so many ppl


Oh great… I cant charge my laptop cos there’s no port to charge it. Emirates had so many! Now u see… even though Emirates charges a lot… its all worth it in d end cos they give back to u wat u’ve paid.

Okay, officially, the whole flight except for the pilot and the crew and me are asleep now. Wats wrong with me!!!

( i dont really remember wat happened after that, my battery died n i was too lazy to write on a piece of paper. d only thing that basically happened in the next 7 hours was that i was wide awake for d rest of d journey )