Saturday, April 25, 2009

the thing about travelling

its really fun to be able to go to so many different places, and experience the culture there, and get to see and do new things, try new food, try a hand in new activities and make new friends....


yes.. there's always a but in between nice things...lets not forget the things that are not so nice,

there are a lot of things that u need to do before and after travelling... like

- packing and unpacking
ok, packing might not be so difficult if u're going back home where u know u have some clothes left. so, its ok even if u have to run to d airport rite after ur exam or some important meeting. u can chuck a pair of jeans and a few tops and some basic toileteries into ur suitcase and u're ready to go. but unpacking after u've come back from ur trip is something which u wouldnt wanna do if given a choice. cos there's guaranteed to be a lot more stuff than those that u took with u when u went. doing the laundry might not be ur worse nightmare, but eating a chocolate brownie which u brought from home that tastes like ur expensive Christian Dior Poison perfume would be one. well, this happens when u dont pack properly, or even when u think u've packed everything properly. wats worse than that is, seeing ur favourite perfume has spilled over ur clothes and comb and floormat! another thing with packing/unpacking is that u're bound to see many broken stuff in ur suitcase. if it's ur favourite hair clip or comb or watever... 'dont get disheartened...' thats all i can say to u.

- carrying ur luggage around
did u know that even 15 kilos can be as heavy as 51 kilos! and u'd not be lucky enough to have someone help u pull that bag full of stones all the time. my best bet would be that u'll have to carry it on ur own up n down the stairs/bus/cab/hill. trust me when i say that u shouldnt try dragging ur suitcase up the stairs or pushing it down the stairs. its easy to be said, but not as easy to face the consequences within a few minutes.

- the flight itself
if u're the kind who talks to every tim, dick and donkey and kills the hell out of the passenger next to u, u dont have to read this. u'd survive any situation cos u'd literally strangle anyone next to u. but if u;re the kind who likes to keep to urself, watch a movie or two, listen to music and not talk to strangers... beware.. life will not be tolerable all the time. if u're stuck sitting next to a big, fat man who smells like he's just had his shower in a pool of cigarette smoke... 'sigh.. i'm sorry for u'. and if there's no in-flight screening, or head sets to listen to music, or no books to read... may God bless ur soul.

- and the worse one would be the jetlag and consequences of sitting still in ur seat for 14 hours
look, it really doesnt matter if u have to trouble the person sitting next to u to get off his seat so that u can move around a little bit. if he complains or grunts or even as much as hesitates for a second... u give him good that he wouldnt even wanna sit next to u! cos its u in d end who has to suffer with a stiff neck, and messed up back and jammed knees and God knows wat else. and it doesnt even matter if u have to jump over him and get out... step on him and go if he refuses to move! that'll teach him good.

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