Monday, April 6, 2009

my spring break is everything that it isnt supposed to be

i'm no where near my list of things to do, things to eat, places to go

it's so hot!!!!!!!!!! n it bloody rains at all the wrong times!!! (like when i just get my hair done, or when i'm going to go out to eat at some famous hawker place! hhmpphh!!)

i'm still not used to d sleeping pattern here. (okay, i just sounded very snobbish! i've lived here my whole entire life and now i;m talking as if i've only been here for a week!) i have no clue how many hours a day i sleep these days, but i'm sleepy throughout the day all the time!

my stupid phone wouldnt connect to my laptop bluetooth n now i cant transfer any pics from my phone to my comp! i left my cable and microcip card reader think in Glasgow

n i dont wanna blog without the pics... cos its meant to be with the pics.. i've got to wait until my frend with d same phone as mine comes back from KL so that i can borrow her card reader.. hopefully she has it!

i did something to my firefox n now the entire link bar ( or watever u call it) is missing. even my google toolbar is missing... it feels so retarded now! i cant go to the pages i want to like i always do. i have to type 'hotmail' in the yahoo serach bar, enter, and then pick the one that i want. i dont even know how that happened! n to think that i always complain about my mum messing up her comp and mine and not knowing wat she did! (PS: i've been very careful not to mention this to her.. otherwise i'll get it good from her for laughing at her all this while)

i got my nails painted after 2 years and cant stop looking at them cos they look so gorgeous!(its chipping off already now... my mum is making me do do much of housework) (i need to transfer those pics for my phone 1st!)

speaking about housework, i cooked for my mum... twice in d whole week that i've been back.. n my mum has started catering once again! that speaks for itself.. i dont understand y i can cook so well (okay, thats a lie.. but it did turn out quite good) while i'm there but everything turns out bad when i do it here!

went shopping to a certain extend. (i havent gotten everything that i needed and wanted :P but got some stuff) ( n my mum got more stuff than me this time ok!!! i need d damned photos to proof myself!) (serves me right for being lazy n using my phone instead of my camera!)

when we got back from shopping, mum said she cant wait to get rid of my next year!! she said she'll get me married off next year, and then from then onwards my unfortunate husband has to bare all my demands and shopping. all this because i wanted a ring which i saw a few days back. that man better be rich!

streamyx SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my break is coming to an end sonner than i expected. i'm not sure if i'm happy about it or not. when i landed in KLIA, i wished i hadnt come back. now, i'm looking forward to going back to Glasgow, but its gonna be hot there soon. n i'm gonna be missing my family and friends here.

when i was there, i missed driving. now i dont really wanna drive here. i try and let someone else drive as much as i can. i'm sick of Malaysian drivers. y cant ppl be more civilized here!

i'm so confused with the time difference, that i keep confusing ppl around me too

bumped into some long lost family friends in a restaurant last nite n had a very brief conversation with them. i'd appreciate ur thoughfulness if u come to our table and acknowledge us before leaving, but that doesnt mean you have to tell me that i've been brought up very well and i'm very lucky to have such parents and that i have to always remember to be grateful to them. i know i've been brought up very well. i know i'm blessed beyond what i can ask for. and i know how grateful i am to my parents. thank you. u dont have to tell me wat to do and wat not to do. i know where i stand, and i believe u should too and try not to intrude in other ppl's family matters. just leave it at saying that i've been brought up very well and that i'm blessed (or lucky if u want to).

i've got to start packing up all over again! i hate packing up!

because its spring now back in Glasgow, my mum wants me to do spring cleaning at home now .. its not even spring here.. there's no season at all here! ( it doesnt make sense rite!! but my mum insists that if insist on following glasgow weather by turning on the air con at 16 throughout the day n nite, then i have to follow spring as well! sigh.. mothers just know how to get back at u dont they)


Chronicwriter said...

nail painting.. cooking for mom.. good good..

and get ur bluetooth thingie sorted out soon

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

done! :)

piccies comin' up soon