Tuesday, April 7, 2009

i present my proof n i rest my case

i've always wonder y i've been such a freak when it comes to shopping (be it clothes, accessories, or electronic gadgets).

i just found out y..... cos my mum is one.. n i got that gene from here!!

this is our loot from shopping last saturday

guess which is mine n which is mum's....

THIS is mine....

n this is MUM'S!

she got more stuff then me!! look at the pile of clothes! n look at my miserable pile! i got one freaking tshirt!

she wouldnt dare blame me anymore for cleaning out her bank account ... ahahahhah!! now i can continue shopping like its nobody's business! =D (she wanted me to clean the house...., n i'm starting with the bank account (cos bank acc is part of d house if u ask me) ... it doesnt matter wat i clean as long as i clean something rite! LOL)

PS: there r a few more stuff that i got that r not included in this pic.. but my things r still much much lesser than my mum's!!

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Chriz said...

haha.. that was some shopping indeed.