Friday, April 17, 2009


i dont know y, but everytime i'm back home, i always end up writing in point forms even though i have loads to talk about. being home isnt good for my education (cos i havent even looked for my book which i brought all the way from there to study, and i havent started thinking about 2 assignments which i should complete by tonite otherwise i'm failing it straight away!) and my blog (cos i obviously havent had the time to blog). the only good thing about being home is that i can eat everything n anything i want (i'm almost there with my list woohoo!! ), i can wake up at any time of the day (errm, thats not entirely true actually), and i dont have to make my bed and clean up after me all the time like i have to while i'm in Glasgow ( errmm.. thast not entirely true either :P)

was in KL last week n d week before. not fun! it was a one day trip. infact, we were gone n back again in Pg without even realizing it cos d whole journey+hours in KL was less than 24 hours. d only memorable thing was that i messed up my neck n back while travelling. stupid uncomfortable buses!

during my second trip to KL on tiesday this week, i made up my mind that i was gonna drag my mum to KLCC n get the things that i wanted (by hook or by crook!). i did get most of the stuff that i had on my list. while in the process of hunting for stuff around KLCC, my mum had the briliant idea of walking in to Versace, Coach, Gucci, Bonia, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Levis, etc. etc (with no intention of buying anything cos all of a sudden i was feeling too tired to shop.. i know.. thats so not me!!). Lets count Bobbi Brown and MAC out (cos i bought something from there). whats even worse than all the above is that we even walked in to Tiffany and Rolex! i need not even mention how d service was in there. d salesman in Rolex didnt look exactly overjoyed when i asked to see n try on one of those watches. (to the salesman in Rolex: wait till u see my gold strapped watch n jewellery!! then we'll see how ur reaction changes! hhmpp!)

managed to pack up n parcel the things that i was supposed to do 2 weeks ago.

i want to go to the PC Fair tomorrow!!!!! i want another notebook!!!!!!!! i know i'm materialistic. i cant help it.

i only cooked twice in almost 3 weeks. my mum gave up on me n i gave up on myself. i'll just cook for her when she comes there to visit me. everything is different here okay. its not my kitchen to begin with, there's not hot plate (i cant cook on normal gas stove for nuts!) and i still cant tolerate to look at uncooked meat and cook it ( looks like i'm still not gonna be learning to cook non veg for a very long time)

y does everyone have to sympatize my future boyfriend/husband??!! one says that the poor guy will have to do housework, another says he'll have to be filthy rich to accommodate me n my needs and demands, another says he must know how to cook too. of course he has to know all that, but i dont understand y that carries him so much of sympathy, empathy n watever! if a girl is expected to be all of the above, then a guy is most definitely expected to be all that too! n mine better learn to be all that! (otherwise i'll make him be!)

3 weeks is not enough!! i havent met so many friends, havent even spoken to them over the phone (okay, thats partly my fault cos i've been lazy to make the calls and i havent given my current mobile number to anyone.. i still dont know wat my number is ok.. its too late to find out wat my number is now.. only 2 days left)

only 2 days left!!! :(

i think i'm looking forward to going this time

Facebook has become so alien to me now. i hear from some friends that some other friends have uploaded pics of me, but i dont know which pics those are. n some other friends keep talking about facebook all the time, n i dont even know wats happening.

i've got loads to catch up on when i get back. havent been able to watch my fav sitcoms n series while being here. thanks to streamyx! hhmpp...

i saw Ayan!!!!!! surya was so HOT!!!!!! :D. my only regret watching that movie was that i went with family instead of friends. had to control myself from watching it with my mouth wide open! LOL

i need to go to the PC Fair tomorrow!!! my mum tempted me herself! so there's no need to sympatize for her now alrite. i walked in to a comp shop with the very innocent intention of buying only a 4 GB pendrive n not even look at anything else when my mum forcefully reminded me about the mini notebooks ... now u understand y insanely materialistic i am?! my own mother tempts me to do it, n then she says i am high maintenance... haiz...


Chronicwriter said...

facebook is alien to me too...
and your future boyfriend- hope he gets the message thru this post...

i write in pointers too

amanda said... gotta go back glasgow soon man....cos i miss meeting up with you all in church man! better be there when i come back from brussels!!! chocs chocs chocs..i'll fatten you...hehehe....i miss malaysia man!

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

Chris: i really hope my future bf gets the msg too!! hahaha... if he' dreading this blog that is

Amanda: back in Glasgow already.. all of a sudden everything seems new to me.. as if i've never been here before. haiz... just 3 weeks at home n everything changes. when u coming back??