Monday, November 19, 2007

cold cold cold...

Bangalore is freezing cold for d past few days.. d weather's between 8 degrees n 14 degrees!

my fingers n toes get so cold that my finger nails n toes nails become purplish blue in colour, as if its just rotting, n go so numb that i wont be able to feel d fingers on my left hand while i'm doing d exam!

n my teeth goes shattering non stop.. till my friends wonder if its shattering because of d cold weather or because of exam tension. hhaha... a few days ago... just before one practical exam, a few friends n i were trying to figure some doubt which we had in that subject.. i couldnt even talk properly cos my teeth was chattering.. i had to repeat d sentence a few times in bits n pieces so that they understood!

thanks to this stupid weather.. i'm feeling sick already today... ok ok.. d ice cream i had yesterday is d culprit..... but it was just one small scoop of Snickers Gellato ice cream.. how much damage can it cause anyway...? :P

on a happier note... i'm happily counting my days till this friday. i'll sleep in Bangalore on friday nite n wake in Penang on saturday morning!!! :D

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

not at d top of my life rite now

i;m just getting so sick of my stupid exams... even though i dont study for it everyday.. i am pressured from d very thought of it. this semester's exam time table is just plain lousy! almost everyday i have exams!

n to top this off, almost everyday i get headaches too! i wake up with a headache almost every alternate days! n all i can do is easily take a tablet.. which is acting too much rite now. i took 2 Crocin ( something like Panadol but stronger i think ) on Sunday afternoon, one last nite, one this morning, one in d evening, n 2 more about less than an hour ago... n now i'm feeling nauseated n sick!

wat to i do to get rid of this headache n tension without having to take Panadols?? this is d only solution i can think of n d most effective cos i cant keep my eyes open with a migraine n i cant study while my head feels as if its gonna fall off my neck!

n i am yet to start studying for tomorrow's organic chem. i hate chemistry... leave alone Organic chem!!! n by d way, i had biotech pracs today.. i went quite ok.. except for d burnt n irritating marks i have on my hands now cos of d concentrated Sulphuric acid! i wonder how many more burns i'm gonna get tomorrow in d chem lab! *sigh*

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

i'm bored

now that exams r over.. it looks n feels as if i have absolutely nothing else to do with my life other than studying! its not that i wanna study 24/7.. its just this education system here in India which requires u to be glued to ur books or notes or reference books all d time.. so when u'r without it, it feels odd....

mum's gone to Bangkok this morning... so i cant even talk to her today... Perfect timing that bald boss of hers has to arrange for a company trip!!! d day after my exams!!

i couldnt even talk to mum properly for almost 2 weeks cos of stupid exams.. n then yesterday i couldnt talk for long cos she had to pack up n settle eveything before leaving.. n today she's not even at home!! :(

*sigh* wat do i do with my life.... i'm feeling very miserable rite now.. as if i have no purpose at all

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


exams r finally over... but its just d theory exams... i've got practicals from d 13th till d 22nd... n then i'll finally be able to go back home!!!!

anyway.. as soon as exams got over today.. me went shopping!!! hahaha... but didnt shop to my hearts content yet! this is just d beginning!! hehehhe... actually, i wanted to go to Com Street ( that's sort of a famous shopping spot here in Bangalore ) n then to Big Bazaar ( its concept is something like Pacific or BM Plaza.. ).. but i only went to Com street n then got back home.. cos i thought tomorrow was Diwali n it'd be really crowded n it'd be total madness to go shopping now! i wont even have to walk to get around in that building.. d massive crowd will just push me around!!

i didnt wanna get cramped in that crowd so i got back home.. n only now i heard from a friend that Diwali is on d 9th n not d 7th!!! this is wat exams n studies do to me.. i forget wat's on wat day! i wouldnt be surprised if i forget my own birthday because of this stupid exams!!!

so, have to go back shopping tomorrow! =D n now am gonna sleep peacefully till tomorrow morning!!!! hahahha.. i wish!

lawyer annamalai was murdered evening

my mum told me about it last nite when i was talking to her....

i was happily yakking away to glory about my d shopping,d clothes that i bought, wat else i wanna buy, asking her to send me more money, about my mum's bangkok trip, n giving her d list of things i want from there n all that nonsense... n towards d end, when i was gonna hang up cos my mum hadnt packed up anything at all for her early today morning... she said there was something that happened yesterday evening n she wasnt sure if she should tell me or not...

i literally had to force it out of her.. n when she finally did tell me.. i felt as if i was stoned! i just didnt believe wat she was telling....

a lot of ppl might be happy that he's finally dead n gone.. cos that's wat they've been praying for.. but a lot more ppl will be really upset about his death... because he was a good man!! he was a criminal n civil lawyer... watever he did was because his profession was such!

only d day before when i was talking to mum, i told her that we have to make an appointment with him when i go back home for holidays end of this month to meet him.. cos d last time i was back in malaysia i didnt see him at all.....n last nite my mum tells me this!!

if he had to die because of natural causes.. that would have been very different... of course it would been very upsetting... but murder is beyond acceptability....

i was gonna blog about this last nite as soon as i heard from my mum... but she told me that d news of his murder wasnt out in d open yet... so i decided againt blogging about it last nite.... today i found d article about his murder in d star online paper

i'm gonna miss him a lot....! :( ... we weren't really close.... but there was a special bond.. he was very fond of me n so was i.... not only is he my uncle ( though i dont know how we're related ), he was our family lawyer for ages...!!! he knew everything that was going on in d family n he was very supportive for all of us... especailly my mum n i...

his death is a terrible loss....

Saturday, November 3, 2007

me watched 3 movies today! one in d morning, one in d afternoon n one at nite... yea. ..during breakfast, lunch n dinner.. hahaha!

i watched The Chronicles of Narnia in d morning while i was having breakfast.. i missed almost one hour of d beginning i think.. i didnt know it was playing on tv today.. so i went down for breakfast kindda later then usual.. but i've seen bits n pieces a few weeks/months ago.. ( this movie's played quite often on tv here )

then when i went down in d afternoon for lunch... The Fantastic 4 was playing.... i missed a few minutes of d beginning and d ending.. but it doesnt matter.. i understood d movie anyways...

since i finished talking to my mum in d evening today.. i was watching tv again at nite.. from 8pm till 12.30am.... at first was a game show sort... it was a dance show... today was d semi finals n since i'll be following this, i made sure i didnt miss it.. after that was Enough by J Lo... i actually didnt wanna watch it.. not cos i didnt like her or i didnt like d movie, i've been wanting to watch this movie ever since i saw d title track of this movie a few months ago.. i was feeling kindda bad cos i was watching tv for so many hours today.. but i did watch it in d end.. rite from d beginning till d end....!

n i absolutely loved it...! J Lo was really good.. n that idiotic husband of hers deserved every single slapping around n punching n kicking that he got! hahaha.... my friend n i were practically sitting at d edge of d sofa when where were scenes where d guy comes looking for her.. since both of us havent seen it before..we didnt know wat to expect at all....

so.. ratings for d movies....?? all three were good.. i liked Chronicles of Narnia, followed by Enough n then Fantastic 4.

oh n do i hear u asking about my exams...?? yea.. its still not over yet.. i've got Physical Chemistry on monday, followed by Biotech on Tue without any breaks in between n with over-flowing syllabus.. n am gonna sleep peacefully tonite without having touched even d tips of my notes for neither chemistry not Biotech!

some nerves i've got huh?! i'm so doomed tomorrow!!! i'd better sit that ass of mine at my study table n study chemistry from 7am till 7pm.. ( obviously i'll take breaks in between for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dreaming, lazying, sleeping n fooling around! wat do u think i am.. some robot?!! )

Well, good nite everyone.. while i enjoy d last nite of my peaceful sleep! =s

Friday, November 2, 2007

break actually.. just back here in my blog after 1o days..... :P well... a lot of things happened....

break actually.. just back here in my blog after 1o days..... :P well... a lot of things happened....

firstly....about my return ticket which i happily booked on a friday without even looking at d calendar!! yea.. i did call up d agent d next day when i was supposed to.. he said he had to check with d airline n call me. so, i said cool... but i wasnt cool about it at all! i was eagerly waiting for his return call n praying in d mean time that there shouldnt be any problem... he called back in about 5 minutes.. n guess wat he said!! "There are plenty of availabilities on sunday, d 6th of Jan... let me know when u can pay d penalty ( of RS2000 = RM200 ) n i'll make d changes for u. absolutely no problem with that!"

n i was like .. "WAT D..!!!!!!" RM 200 to change d dates!!?? i so shocked that i just said "no thank...i'll happily keep d current dates!" n i hung up!! RM200 just to change one freaking date from d 4th to d 6th.. how much trouble is that gonna cost??!!! i just dumbstruck that it didnt even occur to me that i've change my dates before in a few airlines n i wasnt charged at all, n i could have asked him that..

ok ok... i know i was stupid enough to book a ticket without looking at d calender .. but still...! RM200 is too much of a punishment for that!!!

i guess i'll just have to do wat u said Letchu.. i'll go back home first n then try n make d changes.. i think it shouldnt be this bad in Malaysia. God! ppl just wanna choke d breath out of u here in India man!!

n when i told me mum about it.. her reaction was even worse than mine!! hahahha... she just paused talking n i thought line got disconnected again.. n i was about to end d call n call her up again! hahahha... but she was kinnda ok about it.. she said we'll do something about it after i get back home.. but.. yea.. i did get a bit of 'talking n telling' from mum for being so careless..but it wasnt too bad cos she herself didnt bother checking d calender too... like mum like daughter huh! hehehe..


rite... after that was all studies, studies n more studies....n also exams, yup my exams started on d 27th of Oct ( that explains d AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH! shout out in my page rite.. hahahah )... . there were a lot of things.. but i dont remember anything now.. but d most important thing i wanna blog about is about wat happened on... eerr.. lemme think... oh yea.. it was on wednesday during my zoology paper V exam!

first of all i was so stressed out for that exams ( like i always am just a few hours or minutes before any exams ), n d fact that i hardly slept d nite before ( like it always happens d nite before d exams )...i hardly had any common sense to notice anything weird happening around me...!

d paper wasnt too bad actually.. i had chucked a few chapters here n there while studying... but i had enough options to choose from.. but there was a lot to write n i had to make sure i dont leave out any important points. at about 11 am i think, another teacher walked in to our class for d replacement of d teachers as usual... i didnt even bother giving her a second look.. i just continued with my paper...

this lady who had come to my class was walking around n making her rounds to make sure that d girls were not copying... but she failed miserably.. cos many of them were copying while she had he eyes fixed on MY BAG!! ( little did i know that then.. till a little later)

since i sit at d 1st bench, 1st chair ... cos i unfortunately got d 1st role number for d exam register ( i'll tell u y unfortunate... later).. i saw wat this shameless teacher did!! she bent over towards my bag, n she was fidgeting with it... she leaned over with her big fat ass facing d class... ( i guess she must have been hoping that her big fat ass will cover up for her!! well.. it sure did! cos no one else saw wat she did except for me cos it was bag!!) she was looking at d key chain which i had on d zip of my bag. its nothing great actually, just a few nice looking heart shaped crystal like keychain. when i thought she was just looking at it, she was actually trying to take it off from d zip!!! n i was like wat on earth is she trying to do!!!!

even then.. i wanted to give her d benefit of d doubt n not accuse her. so i just shut up n still thought that she wanted to have a good look at it. not only did she take it off d hook, she kept it in her no no.. she held it tight in her hand as if she wanted to hide it. n then she was walking up n down d corridor in class twice, n she went up to her table n chair, n sat there. n she was pretending that she was gonna write something, n she carefully pulled her handbag nearer towards her n put my keychain inside it without making it obvious!

n wat was i doing all along u ask? well,let see.... i was dumbstruck, shocked, annoyed, paranoid, furious, boiling, worried about d stupid exam paper which i had in front of me, n which wasnt completed ( n time was running out by d way!), n i was being considerate towards my classmates! i wanted to tell her that i was my bag that she was fidgeting with, i wanted to stop her when she was removing d keychain, i wanted to stand up n tell her that she was stealing my keychain when she was putting it inside her handbag! but i didnt open my mouth at all cos i didnt wanna disturb d rest of d class while d exam was going on! i mean this exam is no joke.. its not like any other class test, it was our finals...

i couldnt even concentrate on my exam. i was thinking of how to get to that teacher.. n i was looking out d window so often to catch a glimpse of where she was going after she left my class.. n this teacher who was in my class since morning.. gave me d dirtiest looks.. thinking that i was trying to copy!! i really didnt need that then..!

i tried to think of an excuse to get out of d classroom.. i wanted to talk to that shamless lady personally outside d class.. so, i told d teacher that i had to go to d toilet.. she was getting very suspicious but she cant do anything to stop nature's call can she! so very reluctantly she let me go.. while i was out of class, i saw one of d staff member from d examination department whom i know.. so, i asked her if she knew who this teacher was n i told her wat happened... she said not to worry.. n she told me to continue with me exam n she'll talk to d teacher later...

i was kindda relieved after that.. but i still couldnt get my mind off it.. after d exam, i went straight 2 d exam department but i was told that it seem that lady denying taking anything! of course she will!!! which teacher will admit stealing something from a student??!!!n when i went looking for her in d department office.. she wasnt there! obviously! she would have left college already!!

i was so disturbed about it for d rest of d day that i couldnt even study properly for d next exam which i had d next day!! i didnt even know who this lady was.. i've only seen her shaking that big fat ass of hers n walking around d college grounds like a hippo.. all i know about her is that she's a teacher from d Commerce department.. i didnt even know her name!!

i couldnt accept d fact that a teacher could stoop that low for a keychain!! she stole it in front of d whole class! n i couldnt believe that i saw d whole thing n i couldnt do anything about it!! its not about d keychain at all! if she had asked me for it, i might have given it to her, or i might even have offered to find one just like mine...

i let someone steal something from me, n i couldnt do anything about it! i could have... but i didnt wanna disturb d whole class, n i didnt wanna embarrass d teacher in front of everyone..! is it wrong to be considerate for other ppl??! is it wrong to expect others to be honest n truthful??! i mean, i can accept it if it were to be a student.. she she's a teacher in that college for goodness sake!!!!