Saturday, November 3, 2007

me watched 3 movies today! one in d morning, one in d afternoon n one at nite... yea. ..during breakfast, lunch n dinner.. hahaha!

i watched The Chronicles of Narnia in d morning while i was having breakfast.. i missed almost one hour of d beginning i think.. i didnt know it was playing on tv today.. so i went down for breakfast kindda later then usual.. but i've seen bits n pieces a few weeks/months ago.. ( this movie's played quite often on tv here )

then when i went down in d afternoon for lunch... The Fantastic 4 was playing.... i missed a few minutes of d beginning and d ending.. but it doesnt matter.. i understood d movie anyways...

since i finished talking to my mum in d evening today.. i was watching tv again at nite.. from 8pm till 12.30am.... at first was a game show sort... it was a dance show... today was d semi finals n since i'll be following this, i made sure i didnt miss it.. after that was Enough by J Lo... i actually didnt wanna watch it.. not cos i didnt like her or i didnt like d movie, i've been wanting to watch this movie ever since i saw d title track of this movie a few months ago.. i was feeling kindda bad cos i was watching tv for so many hours today.. but i did watch it in d end.. rite from d beginning till d end....!

n i absolutely loved it...! J Lo was really good.. n that idiotic husband of hers deserved every single slapping around n punching n kicking that he got! hahaha.... my friend n i were practically sitting at d edge of d sofa when where were scenes where d guy comes looking for her.. since both of us havent seen it before..we didnt know wat to expect at all....

so.. ratings for d movies....?? all three were good.. i liked Chronicles of Narnia, followed by Enough n then Fantastic 4.

oh n do i hear u asking about my exams...?? yea.. its still not over yet.. i've got Physical Chemistry on monday, followed by Biotech on Tue without any breaks in between n with over-flowing syllabus.. n am gonna sleep peacefully tonite without having touched even d tips of my notes for neither chemistry not Biotech!

some nerves i've got huh?! i'm so doomed tomorrow!!! i'd better sit that ass of mine at my study table n study chemistry from 7am till 7pm.. ( obviously i'll take breaks in between for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dreaming, lazying, sleeping n fooling around! wat do u think i am.. some robot?!! )

Well, good nite everyone.. while i enjoy d last nite of my peaceful sleep! =s

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