Friday, November 2, 2007

break actually.. just back here in my blog after 1o days..... :P well... a lot of things happened....

break actually.. just back here in my blog after 1o days..... :P well... a lot of things happened....

firstly....about my return ticket which i happily booked on a friday without even looking at d calendar!! yea.. i did call up d agent d next day when i was supposed to.. he said he had to check with d airline n call me. so, i said cool... but i wasnt cool about it at all! i was eagerly waiting for his return call n praying in d mean time that there shouldnt be any problem... he called back in about 5 minutes.. n guess wat he said!! "There are plenty of availabilities on sunday, d 6th of Jan... let me know when u can pay d penalty ( of RS2000 = RM200 ) n i'll make d changes for u. absolutely no problem with that!"

n i was like .. "WAT D..!!!!!!" RM 200 to change d dates!!?? i so shocked that i just said "no thank...i'll happily keep d current dates!" n i hung up!! RM200 just to change one freaking date from d 4th to d 6th.. how much trouble is that gonna cost??!!! i just dumbstruck that it didnt even occur to me that i've change my dates before in a few airlines n i wasnt charged at all, n i could have asked him that..

ok ok... i know i was stupid enough to book a ticket without looking at d calender .. but still...! RM200 is too much of a punishment for that!!!

i guess i'll just have to do wat u said Letchu.. i'll go back home first n then try n make d changes.. i think it shouldnt be this bad in Malaysia. God! ppl just wanna choke d breath out of u here in India man!!

n when i told me mum about it.. her reaction was even worse than mine!! hahahha... she just paused talking n i thought line got disconnected again.. n i was about to end d call n call her up again! hahahha... but she was kinnda ok about it.. she said we'll do something about it after i get back home.. but.. yea.. i did get a bit of 'talking n telling' from mum for being so careless..but it wasnt too bad cos she herself didnt bother checking d calender too... like mum like daughter huh! hehehe..

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