Wednesday, November 7, 2007

i'm bored

now that exams r over.. it looks n feels as if i have absolutely nothing else to do with my life other than studying! its not that i wanna study 24/7.. its just this education system here in India which requires u to be glued to ur books or notes or reference books all d time.. so when u'r without it, it feels odd....

mum's gone to Bangkok this morning... so i cant even talk to her today... Perfect timing that bald boss of hers has to arrange for a company trip!!! d day after my exams!!

i couldnt even talk to mum properly for almost 2 weeks cos of stupid exams.. n then yesterday i couldnt talk for long cos she had to pack up n settle eveything before leaving.. n today she's not even at home!! :(

*sigh* wat do i do with my life.... i'm feeling very miserable rite now.. as if i have no purpose at all

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