Tuesday, June 2, 2015

When you don't feel like doing something, do it.

 When my alarm woke me up at 7am yesterday morning, it was a reminder that I had made plans to go to a new place that morning and I was going to spend sometime with my G’ma after. I had hundreds of reasons to not go out that morning. I slept late, I was tired, it was too early in the morning to get out of bed (7am is early when you are not working or studying anymore), it’s a new place, I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to, I can surely sleep in on a Sunday, it’s ok if I don’t go today, I can meet them some other time, I am lazy …. Were some of the examples of that hundreds of reasons. The fact was that I was lazy and I was taking things for granted.

I eventually decided not to play dead while lying there on bed and cheating myself and got out of bed at 8.15am, rushed to get ready and left home at 8.50am. During my 45 minutes journey, all I could think of was about bed and breakfast. It’s was a Sunday morning and the roads were free… obviously.. cos everyone was sleeping in except for me.

The moment I stepped in to this new place that I was sceptical about, I changed my mind. It was good for me to have been there, and it was surely necessary for me to be there that morning. It was eye opening to see that worship doesn’t have a standard procedure, and it was overwhelming to experience such worship. It was refreshing to meet and greet people from all walks of life and share experiences with them. It was nice to feel welcomed and to see that people were sincere in doing so.

More than the service that morning, I enjoyed the company that afternoon. I was so happy that I made it that day, kept my word and finally met up with G’ma. Sometimes it would seems harmless to cancel on someone or delay catching up with someone due to some unforeseen circumstances, but it is quite harmless. It is not enough that we always think of them but never make an effort to contact them or meet. I’m definitely guilty of this. There have been many instances when I have been always thinking about so many people, but I’ve been so lazy to even send them a quick message saying I’m thinking of them, or I appreciate them.

It’s not nice to not be appreciated or to be forgotten, or even feel that way. If you feel this way, then chances are others also feel the same way too. My lesson learnt for the day was to never be lazy in corresponding. Sometimes it feels ok to just be frank about it and say that I’m bad in keeping in touch. But it’s not a nice habit to maintain though.

At the end of the day, I’m only glad I made it yesterday to meet G’ma after years of procrastinating and only thinking about it. My long drive back in the traffic was worth it because it was a moment of reflection and realization of several things.

If you don’t feel like it, it means you have to do it. It will only make you feel better.  And do not take people for granted! It means so even when you didn’t mean it!