Tuesday, February 19, 2008

awkward coincidences

i've noticed for some time now that there's a very questioning coincidence that occurs in college. it's really amusing when i think of it, or try to reason it out. it even sounds funny, n silly. initially i just brushed it off as coincidence but when it happened very often, or rather all d time... it became very suspicious!

wondering wat i'm talking about? its very silly k... but its true!

everytime i wear something new to college, there's always a surprise awaiting. surprise not only for me, but for d whole college n a pleasant surprise that too. d days i wear some new clothes to college, our extra classes for d day are always canceled, we have shortened hours, or some occasion happens n we dont have classes at all d whole day! during d 1st year i never noticed it at all.... but in d 2nd year, i started realizing... but i thought it was just an accidental thing. but as it was becoming more often, i was more observant.

guess wat i discovered?! it is pure coincidence... but it happens every single time i wear new clothes to college!!! ahahha

dont believe it, u'd better believe

Saturday, February 16, 2008

what a lazy bum i've become!!!!!

i slept for 12 hours last nite... errr.. this morning..or was it last nite... u know wat, i just slept for 12 hours at a stretch!! not because i stayed up for a few days to do loads of assignment n project work, not because i stayed up n studied, not because i did a lot of tiring house work, n not because i have had a sleeping disorder for d past few days. all because of my plain laziness!!!!!!!! i'm becoming such an ass, n master of procrastination!!

i woke up a few minutes ago, n here i am, sitting online n blogging about how lazy i am instead of doing my assignment! i really need someone to give me a tight slap across my face if i sleep for more than 2 hours! .. actually... no i didnt mean it!

i'd better get going n complete my assignment. i started it almost a week ago... but since i'm d master( mistress sounds really bad, so i'm sticking to master ) of procrastination... i obviously havent finished it!!

if only i dont finish everything on my list before i go to bed tonite... i wont go to bed to nite!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Tuesday's outing

i told my mum i wont go out anymore from monday. n like a good girl i stayed at home on monday ( partly cos i was in a bad mood ), n on Tuesday i went out d whole day!!

there was some science feast which was happening in college that day, which i wasnt aware of till i reached college. we didnt have any classes at all, not even labs! ( if only i had known earlier...i wouldnt have done my inorganic chemistry record d nite before, i wouldnt have had to carry my records n lab coat to college, n i wouldnt have had to carry any books at all, n torture my poor shoulders!! ). so, all we had to do was give our attendance n then do watever we wanted to!

3 of my classmates had applied for MBA in my college,n they had their interview on Monday n on tuesday the names of students who made it were put up. so, some of my classmates n i accompanied these girls to check d list. n guess wat, all 3 of them got in!!! they were so nervous n upset before checking the list, but once they got to know that they were chosen, they were so over joyed! who wouldnt be... now they dont have to worry about anything else for another 2 years.

since, we had d whole day off, we decided to go out for makan n then go to a friends house. but it took us 1 whole hour to get all d 14 of us together n get out of college! in d end 3 couldnt make it anyway. we had brunch in McD, n we were making so much of noise n clicking pics.. n there was this one old American man sitting in d next table, he came n took a pic of our group!! we didnt know wat to do, we happily smiled for his pic :P

n then we took a walk around d mall to make room in our stomach for lunch later. we ended up in a mall, n i ended up trying out a dress! it was something like a Kimono but simpler. they only had XS n S sizes. my friends insisted that i try d XS, but i knew i wouldnt even fit into d S size.. but i did... quite easily actually :P it was nice... i liked it! n i took pics with my friend in d fitting room... hehehe

on our way back, we all wanted to sit next to Mr McDonald n take pics. McD was sitting on a bench outside d mall where there were a lot of other ppl as well, but we couldnt be bothered less! we happily sat there n some of us were ready, some of us werent.. so we were taking our own sweet time, n guess wat happened!! some cheap idiot who was sitting opposite us across d pathway was taking our pic using his mobile phone!!! a few of us saw it, n one friend of mine, like a fool, asked him if he was taking our pic, n that idiot said yes! as if we were taking to him like he was our friend!! i wanted to walk up to him, take his mobile phone n delete d pic.. but everyone was clearing away n they said not to pick a fight, so we just left.

wat cheek that fellow had!! we was taking our pics so openly n he even answered us back as if we were being nice to him!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Rock Concert

When i told Yasmin that i was gonna go for a rock concert on sunday, she was happily laughing her head off!! well, she doesnt know wat else i did that nite!! we'll see who laughs at d end of this blog! hahha

there was this major rock concert happening somewhere near my place called the Palace Grounds. this was d biggest rock concert in Bangalore. there were so many rock groups form all over India, participating n performing there d whole of yesterday. some of my friend's n i decided to meet up in d afternoon n go for this Rock Concert n then a Circus.

i wasnt too keen on d rock concert, cos heavy metal n head banging isnt my kind. i went for d sake of my friends n my main intention was to play paint balls, which didnt happen!!! :( that wasnt d only one that didnt happen, even bungee jumping didnt happen!!! :(

i didnt know there was bungee jumping in that place. when we were walking towards d grounds, my friends were saying that there was bungee jumping as well, n all i saw in front of me was a crane! i joking said that ppl were jumping off d crane... but little did i know that d crane was their bungee jumping equipment!!

i've wanted to do bungee jumping for ages now!! but i never got d opportunity. but when i saw it yesterday, i was too scared, cos i thought it wasnt save n it was like suicidal for goodness sake!! "jumping off a crane!! NO WAY!" i thought. i wanted to do bungee jumping from a bridge over a river. not from a crane n risk falling on hard, solid ground!! i didnt even bother going near that area to have a look at how it was actually being done.

i just shoved d idea aside, n went to find out about paintballs. that was even more disappointing. it was way too expensive, n d pricing was according to individual members n we needed a big group. a big group we had, but we didnt have enough ppl in that group who were willing to pay so much to hurt themselves n have paint all over them. so we had to drop that idea as well.

we were just hanging around, trying to figure out wat d rock bands were performing. all they did was scream n yell into d microphone! some of them even had d microphone in their mouth i think!! *yuck*. n even d guys werent too impressive. everyone, d bad members n d audience, wore black coloured tshirts( even i wore a black top...but thats a different story :P ). most of d guys had long hair n beard. n they were walking around with a beer can in one hand, cigarette in another,n using foul words n swearing for no reason as if they were so cool!! u know wat they looked like to me? they looked like FOOLS!!!

d only thing i liked about d rock concert was d stage. it was very creative. they had huge, giant sized guitars n drums on d stage, n it looked very real. n d lighting was really good too. they had fireworks n all sorts of things

the sun was blazing n d bunch of us were walking from one corner to another to find shade n to practically cover ourselves i think. cos we didnt belong there at all. while waiting for d rest of d gang to come together so that we could get out of that place n go for d Circus, some of them came back with a beer can each! it was a free beer day as well, so everyone n anyone can get a free beer. age wasnt a limit!

n guess wat i did??!! yup... i had a sip.. or rather 2 sips. everyone was so crazy about beer, n some of them couldnt have it cos of d 'lent' season, they were so upset about it. they were grumbling n complaining about not being able to have it. i wasnt interested at all, but their whining made me curious. i wanted to know how exactly it was... so i had a sip. *YUCK!!!!!!* i didnt like it at all! it was so bitter. n i could feel d bitter taste going down my throat slowly n it was there for such a long time. i seriously wonder how ppl love beer so much.

anyway, i didnt wanna give it another shot.. but later at nite, i took another sip for d sake of a pic :P but no more beer for me. i'm happy with watever alcohol-less drink i can get my hands on.

when i told my mum that i had beer, she did not respond for so long n i thought d line got dc! hahaha... but hse was still online.. she was like "wat! where did u have beer? where did u go??!!" she must have thought i went to a bar or a pub. i told her that i just had 2 sips n i didnt like it at all, so she need not worry about me getting addicted to it. but guess wat my mum said??! she said beer was too alcoholic.. n there was this some kind of wine n something else which she didnt know d name which was diluted, n she said that was better than beer n i can try that!! COOL! but my mum knows i wont go on a alcohol spree .. thats y she said that.. hahahha

i've uploaded d pics in my facebook. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=27179&id=747874814
i'm yet to upload d pic of my second sip of beer n my reactions... my friend has it in her phone.. will update d album soon... ;)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Wonder La

i didnt make up that title. it's d name of the Theme Park which i went to yesterday with my classmates n college mates. i have no clue y an Indian would want to name his theme park as "Wonder La" when he doesnt know wat 'la' is used for! hahaha. btw, before u start reading this entry.. pls let me fore warn u that its gonna be long... but make sure u read till d end k

Anyway, i had solid fun yesterday!! 2 weeks ago when d Wonder La plan was coming up, i was reluctant to even give my name in, but my friends wrote my name. n then a few days ago, i wasnt sure if i wanted to go cos i thought i might be going to my grandparents house in Tamilnadu ( but that didnt happen ), so, i ended up going for this picnic, but i told everyone very strictly that i wont be joining them for d water sports cos i was really sick last week, n havent recovered fully. but i did take spare clothes with me cos some of my friends are capable of throwing me into d water no matter how much i protest. but u know wat happened?? i went into d pool on my own, without anyone forcing me, n d girls had to force me out of d water in d end!! hahahha

about 60 of us left from college in a bus, accompanied by 3 teachers(they're our zoology n chemistry teachers who r usually very very strict n sarcastic in class, who dont even smile at us in class, but yesterday we were happily yakking away to glory n so were d teachers!).we reached d place at about 11am, n waited for a while to settle d payment thing. when i stepped in.... i was taken by surprise! frankly speaking, i didnt expect the place to be so nice, clean, high tech, and world class! some of my friends were telling me a lot of things about this place, n that it was world class, they have imported equipments, d water is really clean, bla bla bla... but i didnt know how far it would be true. but i did believe everything as soon as i saw it myself. it's just like Black Thunder in Coimbatore, Bkt Merah, or Sunway Lagoon.

they had dry games n water games. we started off with d dry games first. oh was i in for another shock!! d first thing we tried was called d Maverick. it carries about 20 ppl in 2 rows ( front n back ) n rotates round n round n round in every angle n directions n holds u completely upside down for at least 5 seconds! n when it rotates at a 45 degree angle, ur whole body weight is on d electronic strap! it that gives way, then u'r a goner! i was screaming n screaming my lungs out!! this is fun for some of my friends! i was just praising d Lord when i walked out of d Maverick in one piece!

n my friends dragged me to d next thing which was called "y scream". i was suspicious of y it was called like that. while we were waiting in d line, i saw n realised y it was called "y scream". i just freaked n ran out from d line, far away from my friends so that they cant catch hold of me n force me to sit on that monstrous, terrifying ride!! it was really freaking!! it looks so innocent n timid when its resting, but once its switched on... there u go! all it does is go round like d ferris wheels, but d only difference is that this one has loosely attached seats which turns at its own pace n direction, n it carries u upside down, n when its rotating downwards, its as if it's gonna smash u head down first on d ground!!

after that we went on d pirates ship. that was pretty tame... but made me sick in d tummy towards d end! my friends n i had enough of tossing, n turning, n rotating for d time being. all of us we pretty sick after 3 rides.. so we decided to give it a break n went for d slower, n more relaxing rides like d merry go round n frog's jump.

d merry go round was on an elephant. one of my friends wanted to go on it, so we all accompanied her. since it was only 1 person per elephant(cos it was a kiddies ride! hahah), all of us couldnt make it. so, a few of us stood back n was cheering d others. d girl who was jumping to go on that ride, was enjoying herself. happily laughing, n waving to us n d others who were around her... but all of a sudden d elephant was lefted up, n this girl freaked!! she was shouting n screaming asking d guy to stop saying no, no, no n shaking her head. i think she was close to tears. so were we (d ones who were watching them) cos we were laughing so much! hahha... that was really cute! it wasnt scary at all.. but she just didnt expect it to do that. d jumping frog was really lame! another kiddies ride... but we went for d fun of it.. since no one was there.. we all went ahead.. n all d frog did was go round n round.. no lifting up, no jumping, nothing! we were all holding on to d metal bars in front of us, cos we thought it might just jump n throw us off our seats. but no... d frog was very well behaved! hahhaha... just to make d ride more interesting, we were all trying to croak like a frog...but it didnt happen.. cos all we did was say "croak croak croak". we didnt know how d frog sounded like exactly :P so we just did it in our own style.. each one in each tone n note. hahhahha, even d guys in charge of that thing was laughing at us!

after that we went to d Cine Magic. that was really cool!! i enjoyed it! it was something like d 3D theaters. but this one didnt have d 3D glasses. the theater could hold about 50 ppl i think. its d kind of theater which has d seats which shakes n vibrates according to wats shown on d screen. d one which i went to yesterday was a roller coaster kinds. if only it were to be a really roller coaster, no one would ever survive it!! it was a mine ride. n d mine was horrible!! there were other roller coasters coming from different directions, d railroad broke, under water rides, going up d lift, going down d lift, accidents, clashes, crashes, all sorts of things.. n i felt as if it was so real, cos d seats. it was so nice!!! we were all screaming n laughing n jumping up n down as if we were really going on that rolelr coaster! i enjoyed that thoroughly, n i wanted to go for it again.. but then it wouldnt have been nice d second time round cos i would know wats going to happen.

then we went on d ferris wheel. this one was very different from any other ferris wheel. cos its rite on top of a high raised tower. i think d tower was about 20 floors high. initially i was excited to go it... but as soon as i reached d top n saw d view.. i started freaking.. n i didnt even want to get onto d carriage. but i eventually did. n i was holding on to 2 friends on either side of me... cos i was so scared! :P d purpose of d ferris wheel is just for site seeing. from d top u can see half of bangalore n d whole of d Wonder La area. d view was really breathe taking.. but scary at d same time... cos it was moving so slowly n made u fell as if u were dangling at d edge of a string.

we even went on bumper cars n a kiddies roller coaster ride in a termite colony. d bumper car was fun!!! :D i've always wanted to go on a bumper car... n i finally did yesterday. we were driving arounf like maniacs bumping into each other for no reason.. a few or us in 3 cars cornering another car.. crashing into each other front, back, sides, n screaming... hahhaha... i dont know since when i started enjoying screaming... but i really did enjoying screaming yesterday!!!

we had enough after that n we were all hungry n tired.. so we had lunch in one of d canteens ( there were 3 canteens in Wonder La ). after that we went to d lockers to change n get ready for d water rides. that was so much of fun!! :D

some of my friends immediately ran to a few of d slides... i had already made up my mind that i wanted to go on one slide.. thats d one which has a float in which 3 or 4 ppl can sit, n d float goes round n round in d slides n reached to a shallow pool. every corner n turning, d three of us were screaming as if it was nobody's business! haahha... it wasnt scary.. it was nice.. but d turning part was kindda freaky.. makes u feel as if d float is gonna over turn.

my friends went on all d slides that was there... but i dared not go... as much as i like water, i'm afraid of it n i dared not go on d verticle slide, n d racing slides. after my friends go on my slide.. n if it looks really fun n safe.. another friend n i will go for that one... n then we'll stand n stare at d others while they come down another slide.. hehehe.... d only troublesome thing was that we had to climb some 2 or 3 flights of stairs each time to go on a slide.

there was this rain disco, wave pool, n lazy river. rain disco was nice.. they had d techo light n disco lightings, with songs n indoor rain...it felt as if we were playing in d rain n dacing to songs. when we went in to d rain disco, d last song was playing... so we quickly ran n joined in with d crowd. d song was kindda sad.. some hindi song... but we still danced along for that song. it was nice.. just for d sake or experience... we didnt feel like going in again for d 2nd time. after that was d wave pool. its exactly like d one in Bkt Merah, but smaller in size... so it wasnt big enough for d whole crowd. when d waves started.. d crowd was jumping about, n pushing around. some of d guys were taking advantage of d situation n they were disturbing d girls... we enjoyed ourselves though... n some of them were learning to swim yesterday... that was a lot of fun. d last one was d lazy river. initially some girls didnt want to go to d lazy river cos it was a waste of time, but in d end ended up going 2 rounds in it! hahha... all u had to do in a lazy river is sit on a float, n let d water current move u around d lazy river. since there were about 15 of us, we were all chasing each other, pushing around, splashing water, disturbing n fooling each other all d way round d river... n we went for a 2nd round, n didnt have d heart to come out of d river after that...

n there was this Wonder La special ride. it think it was called Wonder splash. its a small roller coaster ride which goes uphill n then down hill n falls into a pool of water. it was so cool! d 1st time we went on it, we didnt know wat to expect, so when we were going downhill, all of us we were screaming cos it actually feels as if d tracks gave way, n u'r all falling down. n when d train goes through d pool of water, u can actually see d water enveloping around u,n then falling on u... that was really fun.. we went on it twice.. expecially for d pic ( there;s an automated camera which takes ur pics when u'r going down stream). i looked horrible in that pic!!! but i still bought it cos i wanted something for remembrance.

it was already time to leave, so all of us hurried n changed our clothes n ran out to d bus. on our way to Wonder La in d morning, we were all jumping about, dancing, singing, playing, taking pics n videos, waving out to every car, n bus n especially school buses n vans with students who were going to school... hehehe... but on d way back in d evening.. everyone was so tired that some ppl slept in d bus, while d others were quietly sitting n having short conversations.

we took loads of pics n videos in d bus. while we were going for d rides.. i didnt bother to take my phone along.. i locked it up in d locker.. so, no pics of d rides.. but my friend to loads of pics. so i'm waiting to get d pics from her.. n then i'll upload it in my facebook account.

in d mean time, u can check out Wonder La's website at http://www.wonderla.com/ hats off to this ppl... they really did a good job. the maintenance was good, d facilities were good, good discounts, even d website is well maintained n updated. really world class! i'd give them 5 stars, cos they really deserve it.

after all d fun we had yesterday, i had to suffer d consequences today!! this morning when my phone alarm rang, i couldnt even turn over n grab my phone to stop d alarm. i had cramps all over my body n every joint was hurting big time!!! super hero me was happily swimming yesterday ( after 5 or 6 years ), n today couldnt even lift my hand without cribbing, to comb my hair!!

well, u have to pay a price to have fun they say... today all my friends were walking about like zombies cos everyone was tired n hurt all over!! hahahha... but we want to got there again....

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What do u do when u'r bored in class?

here's a step by step directions and suggestions on wat u can do in class if u'r bored.

1. go to d last bench in class. Dont bother if there are any empty places in front or in between... just keep walking to d end of d class n sit at d last bench

2. make sure u dont go to d last bench alone. grab some of ur friends along. u wouldnt want to be caught talking or laughing to urself would u?!

3. grab a piece of paper n pen or pencil. it doesnt matter if u dont have a rough sheet of paper. just tear out a piece of paper from ur class notes book

4. get a few of ur other friends to participate as well. encourage them or influence them. if they dont have papers, be a good friend.. tear out more pages from ur note book n give it to them. a friend in need is a friend in need!u'll be rewarded for ur good deeds very soon.

5. decide on wat u want to do when u already have a supply of paper n pen or pencil. u can either do some drawings, play games like bingo, or name-place-animal-things. all three are fun n interesting

6. if d lecturer notices that u r smiling for no valid reason in class ( say when chem class is going on) n she picks on u to answer her question, just stand up n give her one of ur most innocent looks. she'll automatically repeat her question. dont worry if u dont know d answer. u'll get it very soon from ur friends around u. ( remember step 4: "u'll be rewarded for ur good deeds" ). someone around u is bound to know d rite answer.. they tell u d answer.

7. once u know wat d answer is, u can shamelessly tell it to the teacher.. as if she's deaf n dumb towards d rest or d class except to u

8. then she'll get off ur back n u can continue with watever u were doing. be polite n apologize to ur friends for d interruption n continue with ur game.

9. to avoid frequent interruptions by the teacher, make sure u lift ur head towards to board n nod once in a while so that u appear as if u'r listening to d lecture, n taking down notes.

10. Once ur game or drawing competition is over, make sure u dont forget to total up ur marks n see who d winner is.

11. award d winner with trophies ( colourful paper trophies ). and as for d ones who lost, encourage them by jotting down a few nice words of encouragement on their sheet of paper.

12. u can keep d paper for remembrance, or for a re-use for d nest class.

13. n most importantly, keep a spare sheet of paper by ur side, in case of emergency ( for times like when ur lecturer rashly decides to take a walk n see wat d back benchers are up to )

well, there u go, a detailed, step by step instructions n directions on wat u can do in class. remember.... u read it here 1st, n in case u get into trouble, totally deny that d piece of paper does belong to u. And dont write anything stupid about d subject or d teacher who's teaching ;P

(PS: I speak nothing but the truth n i swear that watever i say is the truth. the above is exactly wat i did i my chem class today. hahahh. a few of my friends n i played name-place-animal-things n i won!! )