Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What do u do when u'r bored in class?

here's a step by step directions and suggestions on wat u can do in class if u'r bored.

1. go to d last bench in class. Dont bother if there are any empty places in front or in between... just keep walking to d end of d class n sit at d last bench

2. make sure u dont go to d last bench alone. grab some of ur friends along. u wouldnt want to be caught talking or laughing to urself would u?!

3. grab a piece of paper n pen or pencil. it doesnt matter if u dont have a rough sheet of paper. just tear out a piece of paper from ur class notes book

4. get a few of ur other friends to participate as well. encourage them or influence them. if they dont have papers, be a good friend.. tear out more pages from ur note book n give it to them. a friend in need is a friend in need!u'll be rewarded for ur good deeds very soon.

5. decide on wat u want to do when u already have a supply of paper n pen or pencil. u can either do some drawings, play games like bingo, or name-place-animal-things. all three are fun n interesting

6. if d lecturer notices that u r smiling for no valid reason in class ( say when chem class is going on) n she picks on u to answer her question, just stand up n give her one of ur most innocent looks. she'll automatically repeat her question. dont worry if u dont know d answer. u'll get it very soon from ur friends around u. ( remember step 4: "u'll be rewarded for ur good deeds" ). someone around u is bound to know d rite answer.. they tell u d answer.

7. once u know wat d answer is, u can shamelessly tell it to the teacher.. as if she's deaf n dumb towards d rest or d class except to u

8. then she'll get off ur back n u can continue with watever u were doing. be polite n apologize to ur friends for d interruption n continue with ur game.

9. to avoid frequent interruptions by the teacher, make sure u lift ur head towards to board n nod once in a while so that u appear as if u'r listening to d lecture, n taking down notes.

10. Once ur game or drawing competition is over, make sure u dont forget to total up ur marks n see who d winner is.

11. award d winner with trophies ( colourful paper trophies ). and as for d ones who lost, encourage them by jotting down a few nice words of encouragement on their sheet of paper.

12. u can keep d paper for remembrance, or for a re-use for d nest class.

13. n most importantly, keep a spare sheet of paper by ur side, in case of emergency ( for times like when ur lecturer rashly decides to take a walk n see wat d back benchers are up to )

well, there u go, a detailed, step by step instructions n directions on wat u can do in class. remember.... u read it here 1st, n in case u get into trouble, totally deny that d piece of paper does belong to u. And dont write anything stupid about d subject or d teacher who's teaching ;P

(PS: I speak nothing but the truth n i swear that watever i say is the truth. the above is exactly wat i did i my chem class today. hahahh. a few of my friends n i played name-place-animal-things n i won!! )

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