Saturday, February 16, 2008

what a lazy bum i've become!!!!!

i slept for 12 hours last nite... errr.. this morning..or was it last nite... u know wat, i just slept for 12 hours at a stretch!! not because i stayed up for a few days to do loads of assignment n project work, not because i stayed up n studied, not because i did a lot of tiring house work, n not because i have had a sleeping disorder for d past few days. all because of my plain laziness!!!!!!!! i'm becoming such an ass, n master of procrastination!!

i woke up a few minutes ago, n here i am, sitting online n blogging about how lazy i am instead of doing my assignment! i really need someone to give me a tight slap across my face if i sleep for more than 2 hours! .. actually... no i didnt mean it!

i'd better get going n complete my assignment. i started it almost a week ago... but since i'm d master( mistress sounds really bad, so i'm sticking to master ) of procrastination... i obviously havent finished it!!

if only i dont finish everything on my list before i go to bed tonite... i wont go to bed to nite!

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