Tuesday, February 19, 2008

awkward coincidences

i've noticed for some time now that there's a very questioning coincidence that occurs in college. it's really amusing when i think of it, or try to reason it out. it even sounds funny, n silly. initially i just brushed it off as coincidence but when it happened very often, or rather all d time... it became very suspicious!

wondering wat i'm talking about? its very silly k... but its true!

everytime i wear something new to college, there's always a surprise awaiting. surprise not only for me, but for d whole college n a pleasant surprise that too. d days i wear some new clothes to college, our extra classes for d day are always canceled, we have shortened hours, or some occasion happens n we dont have classes at all d whole day! during d 1st year i never noticed it at all.... but in d 2nd year, i started realizing... but i thought it was just an accidental thing. but as it was becoming more often, i was more observant.

guess wat i discovered?! it is pure coincidence... but it happens every single time i wear new clothes to college!!! ahahha

dont believe it, u'd better believe

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