Monday, February 11, 2008

Rock Concert

When i told Yasmin that i was gonna go for a rock concert on sunday, she was happily laughing her head off!! well, she doesnt know wat else i did that nite!! we'll see who laughs at d end of this blog! hahha

there was this major rock concert happening somewhere near my place called the Palace Grounds. this was d biggest rock concert in Bangalore. there were so many rock groups form all over India, participating n performing there d whole of yesterday. some of my friend's n i decided to meet up in d afternoon n go for this Rock Concert n then a Circus.

i wasnt too keen on d rock concert, cos heavy metal n head banging isnt my kind. i went for d sake of my friends n my main intention was to play paint balls, which didnt happen!!! :( that wasnt d only one that didnt happen, even bungee jumping didnt happen!!! :(

i didnt know there was bungee jumping in that place. when we were walking towards d grounds, my friends were saying that there was bungee jumping as well, n all i saw in front of me was a crane! i joking said that ppl were jumping off d crane... but little did i know that d crane was their bungee jumping equipment!!

i've wanted to do bungee jumping for ages now!! but i never got d opportunity. but when i saw it yesterday, i was too scared, cos i thought it wasnt save n it was like suicidal for goodness sake!! "jumping off a crane!! NO WAY!" i thought. i wanted to do bungee jumping from a bridge over a river. not from a crane n risk falling on hard, solid ground!! i didnt even bother going near that area to have a look at how it was actually being done.

i just shoved d idea aside, n went to find out about paintballs. that was even more disappointing. it was way too expensive, n d pricing was according to individual members n we needed a big group. a big group we had, but we didnt have enough ppl in that group who were willing to pay so much to hurt themselves n have paint all over them. so we had to drop that idea as well.

we were just hanging around, trying to figure out wat d rock bands were performing. all they did was scream n yell into d microphone! some of them even had d microphone in their mouth i think!! *yuck*. n even d guys werent too impressive. everyone, d bad members n d audience, wore black coloured tshirts( even i wore a black top...but thats a different story :P ). most of d guys had long hair n beard. n they were walking around with a beer can in one hand, cigarette in another,n using foul words n swearing for no reason as if they were so cool!! u know wat they looked like to me? they looked like FOOLS!!!

d only thing i liked about d rock concert was d stage. it was very creative. they had huge, giant sized guitars n drums on d stage, n it looked very real. n d lighting was really good too. they had fireworks n all sorts of things

the sun was blazing n d bunch of us were walking from one corner to another to find shade n to practically cover ourselves i think. cos we didnt belong there at all. while waiting for d rest of d gang to come together so that we could get out of that place n go for d Circus, some of them came back with a beer can each! it was a free beer day as well, so everyone n anyone can get a free beer. age wasnt a limit!

n guess wat i did??!! yup... i had a sip.. or rather 2 sips. everyone was so crazy about beer, n some of them couldnt have it cos of d 'lent' season, they were so upset about it. they were grumbling n complaining about not being able to have it. i wasnt interested at all, but their whining made me curious. i wanted to know how exactly it was... so i had a sip. *YUCK!!!!!!* i didnt like it at all! it was so bitter. n i could feel d bitter taste going down my throat slowly n it was there for such a long time. i seriously wonder how ppl love beer so much.

anyway, i didnt wanna give it another shot.. but later at nite, i took another sip for d sake of a pic :P but no more beer for me. i'm happy with watever alcohol-less drink i can get my hands on.

when i told my mum that i had beer, she did not respond for so long n i thought d line got dc! hahaha... but hse was still online.. she was like "wat! where did u have beer? where did u go??!!" she must have thought i went to a bar or a pub. i told her that i just had 2 sips n i didnt like it at all, so she need not worry about me getting addicted to it. but guess wat my mum said??! she said beer was too alcoholic.. n there was this some kind of wine n something else which she didnt know d name which was diluted, n she said that was better than beer n i can try that!! COOL! but my mum knows i wont go on a alcohol spree .. thats y she said that.. hahahha

i've uploaded d pics in my facebook.
i'm yet to upload d pic of my second sip of beer n my reactions... my friend has it in her phone.. will update d album soon... ;)

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