Wednesday, April 8, 2009

evolutions of Chumi over the years pt 1

i've seriously evolved a lot over the years.. the way i look, d way i talk, d way i do certain things, my hairstyles, my finger nails.

today will just be about the finger nails... (cos i cant dig up all my other pics now).

about ten years ago, one of my best friends made me stay over in her place during the school holidays. we were left alone at home after her parents went to work.. all we did after that was talk n talk n talk, n play video games as if it was nobody's business (cos her bro wasnt there to hog the video games!). when we were finally bored with 'the mario brothers', my friend wanted to paint my nails. she loved nail polish and long hair, while i was still this tiny little tomboy with short hair. n i literally did not have finger nails, cos i used to chew on them 24/7! back then my fingers used to be really skinny and tiny, especially my pinky finger, so my finger nails were naturally very tiny too. but because i used to bite my finger nails all the time, it made it even worse.

my friend only had to make one stroke to paint one finger nail, and yet there would be nail polish even on the skin around the nails. (i dont have pics of my fingers 10 years ago, so u'll just have to imagine it). n it looked horrible on a tomboy like me k.. u dont even have to imagine that. i looked like i was some confused kid with short boy cut hair, and messy nail polish.

10 years later, same old crazy friend, same family, same home but different location (if u get wat i mean), same mad Chumi, but different me

this is wat my finger nails are today.

(the nail polish is messed up cos i've lost touch over the years. i'm painting my nails after more than 2 years okay... n d colour doesnt look so right in this... it looks better in real life)

i never fail to surprise myself. i cant believe i actually let my finger nails grow this long n am not tempted to chew on it the least bit.

PS:the following parts of this post will appear when and/or if i remember soon enough


Chronicwriter said...

an engagement ring?

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

i wish... LOL

**HOPE** said...

wait, were you writing about me?

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

yea la... who else wanted to paint my nails when we were in form 2/3 when i had horrible nails...