Thursday, July 9, 2009


i've settled in my new flat comfortably now... too comfortably i suppose cos d only time i leave my flat is on sunday to go to church. i'm literally hibernating during summer!

i havent taken proper pics of my flat yet... still waiting for the new sofas to come in. i dont wanna take pics of the old sofa in which i refuse to sit on, cos... errmm.. i just dont wanna sit on it, leave alone take a pic of it! so, as soon as the new sofas come in, and as soon as i rearrange everything in the living room, u'll see y i refuse to leave my flat!

but here's a sneak preview:

my scheduled posts arent working i dont know y. last week i scheduled something to come up while i was busy moving n and unpacking, but it didnt work. even d last post didnt work.

i've got this sudden urge to read all my posts so far... i did start, n then i got bored! i wonder how so many of u managed reading it all along... or were u just scheming through??

whenever i see a shop (be it jewellery shop, clothes shop, restaurants, etc. etc) with my full name on it (which is very very often), i proudly tell ppl that its my shop. but i've never see a shop with my pet name before. never... till yesterday!

I've got a shop in Zermatt now! i'm so famous!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHA (its almost the same, just ignore the space between M and I) Apparently this shops sells backpacks n things of that sort. Abu said if i were to really open a shop of my own, knowning me i'd be selling handphones! and it'll be called CHUMI FIRST cos i'd use all the handphones myself first n then sell it! HAHAHAHA!!! (the materialist me never fails to show up!)

oh, i'm thinking of a change in carrier. i just realized that i've had the potential to be an excellent chef all along... and i'm soooo good at following cooking instructions! ahahaha. i seriously have to talk about my cooking skills... its been pending since last Nov....cos thats when i started serious cooking for the 1st time ever in my entire two n half decade of life! and talking about following cooking instructions, y cant recipes online or in cookbooks be as simple as Abi's!? Abi, u should write ur own cook book u know!

Another sneak peak:


1. Boil noodles and vege (d only remaining vege i had in my fridge was frozen spinach n green peas) for 3 minutes only, strain under cold running water (to stop the noodles and vege from cooking[i seriously didnt know that vege can continue cooking even after straining it!]) and keep it aside. 2. In another wok, heat oil, add onions and ginger garlic paste (either one if u like it that way), chilli powder, soy sauce, tomato sauce (according to taste). 3. add the strained stuff and cook for a couple of minutes. 4. u've got health friend noodles in 10 minutes. this one turned out PERFECT!


1. Heat 4 tblspoon oil, add onions, ginger garlic paste, tomatos and green peas. 2. Cook till goldern brown, then add 1/4 cup of water, 2 tblspoon chilli powder and salt. 3. Cook for a few more minutes and its done. this one also turned out PERFECT (but i modified a bit myself. i didnt add water cos i used canned tomatos that already had tomato liquid)


1. Boil pasta, strain n cold water and keep it aside. 2. Heat oil, add onions and garlic, tomato and green peas. 3. Add strained pasta, salt, chilli and maggie powder (if none nvm) 4. Can add chilli sauce and tomato sauce according to taste. this one not perfect cos i accidently added more oil to this thinking it was for the green peas sambal! :P but it still tasted really good, coming from a cook like me who buys ready made pasta sauce in bottles!

with the flat hunting, packing, moving, unpacking, sorting out, settling things, buying things, cooking, i've forgotten about my dissertation! ok,... it's not like i completely forgot. i didnt realize i spent 1 whole month not working on it seriously.. i've only got another month now. according to my planning (which i've quite obviously abandoned), i should have finished my entire research now, and started writting it last week, and complete it by the 1st of August, so that i can double check it n make changes here n there, and have it printed out and bound and ready for submission on the 14th of aug. wat have i done till today? i havent finished my research, forget about starting to write it!

next week today mum's gonna be here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

for an uninspired person, i did write quite a lot today.

this inspired me! :D (from Zermatt again)


abi said...

HAHAHAHA,i love it!

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

n i'm loving my shop in Zermatt and the recipes! ahahah

MiM said...

wow! your mum is visiting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how long ????????????????????

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

6 months!! :D (hopefully).. if she decides to go back before that, than she better be prepared for another 17 hours journey in Dec, cos she better be here for my graduations!