Saturday, July 25, 2009

my inboxes have never been this empty before

i dont know wat got into me last nite... .

wat started of as a harmful msg reading-deleting-if-unnecessary turned out like this.. cos i got sick of reading mails from year 2004!

n i'm not one to cherish the same forwards which 1000s of ppl would have sent to me. it would have been different if the mails were personal ones from a special someone... but since that doesnt look like happening anytime soon... all the forwards and mails from half a decade ago can go n sit in the rubbish bin n not in my inbox

25 pages of mails + >500 mails + 5 years = deleted in 30 minutes... impressive huh !

but now when i think about it, maybe i rushed into it... but then again... it had to go some day anyways rite...

now i only have my student account to take care of, which is gonna take me AGES!! cos this account doesnt have forwards n mails from 5 years ago! just d ones since Oct '08, but it has hell lot of important mails... sigh... so not looking forward to clearing it up... maybe i'll leave it for another 4/5 years ??

totally unrelated... but am lovin' my current desktop... hehehhe

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