Thursday, July 16, 2009

there's nothing else better than

seeing ur santa clause sleeping on ur bed.. it doesnt matter even if u had to spend an uncomfortable nite on the dirty, ugly, old couch in the cold living room... MUM IS HERE!!!!!!!

n look wat goodies she brought for me!!

loads of colourful tablets .. oh goody! :S

bling blings!!!
i've never worn these things before... but it all looks so exciting and interesting now.. and surprisingly i seem to like it too.... actually, it's all hers..but i'm gonna help myself to it if i'm ever feeling like it (which might be in another decade i think)

one of my fav food stuff.. i was thinking of asking her to bring it, but never asked her.. but she brought it!! mothers know it even when u dont ask!

my bday present!!! seriously..i never thought about bday presents (yes, its presents, cos i always get a lot) this year ( i swear... for a person who starts listing out the things she wants for her bday, and christmas a year in advance... this year is a miracle, cos i didnt think about it at all...)

but my mum did!

Original Guess

made in Japan

with Diamonds ( i dont think so la... but aparently thats wat the salesmen said... n thats wat the price suggests also! )

Jealous or not?!!!!!!!!!! AHHAHAHAH

u know what.. i got to tell u d story of how stupid i was when i saw the watch box in her suitcase while unpacking!

*flash back to about 2 weeks ago* since my mum was leaving her company after 14 years of working there, all the staff decided to get her a watch, cos my mum's a watch freak, n they even let her choose it herself.

when i was talking to her over skype, she told me about the watch hunting story.. (it's a long story, but i'll keep it short, if i skip it, u wont even understand) 1st she said she chose one from Polo. i told her to go get one from Bonia cos she already has enough Polo-s. d next day mum told me that she didnt like anything from Bonia cos it was all too common and plain, and then she chose a Gucci.. i still wasnt happy with it... a few days later she picked out a Guess watch.. paid for it, and walked out.. n then walked back in and returned it cos she wasnt happy with it at all. she finally got a Bonia watch. (see.. i dont understand y mothers dont to listen to their children in the first instant. i knew i was right all along, and it was a Bonia that she ended up with in the end!). she went on and on and on about how beautiful it was, and how gorgeous it was (n it was waaaaaay over the budget that her staff had planned but they still paid for it!)... naturally, i couldnt wait to see it (being a watch freak that i am also). while waiting for the cab in the airport, i finally saw her watch.. n i understood y she fell in love with it.It.Was.Amazingly.Gorgeous!(for that price.. it had better be gorgeous! her friends paid for that unreasonably expensive Bonia! y dont i have friends like that?!)

*back to present* so when i was unpacking mum's suitcase, i saw a watch box, n it looked very classy... like a modified hard paper bag thingy, n i thought it was her watch's box. so i was like.. 'oh, wow.. is this ur watch's box.. it looks so cool', n while talking, i was fidgeting with it, and trying to open it.

that's when the small Guess booklet fell on my lap. like an idiot i picked it up and flipped through the pages claiming that even the booklet looks so cool and has so many languages bla bla bla... then all of a sudden, i realized that one of the pictures of the watch in the booklet didnt look like her watch. i flipped back to that page and started talking about y d pic was so different from her watch, n infact it wasnt even her watch. i thought the shop owner gave her d wrong booklet and even my mum didnt realize.(even while staring at it all along) it took me 10 whole minutes to realize that i was holding a Guess watch booklet and box and not a Bonia! n then i turned to stare at my mum like an idiot and finally realized that it wasnt my mother's watch box but it was some other watch box...n that i was supposed to open it. there it was... my bday present staring back at me.. while sitting majestically on her comfy pillow

i can be such a turtle sometimes cant i! even my mum said it today, "honestly Chumi, u'r very slow in the head department these days" LOL

oh .. wait wait.. thats not it...

mommy also bought me graduation dresses (yup.. its dresses.. cos i've got 2 dresses for my graduation now!! as long as i dont freeze in those .. i should have thought about graduating during the summer rather than winter.. nvm.. i have 2 dresses!!! ahahahah) but i'm not showing u pics of my dresses now.. (its bad luck!) wait till Dec!

ok fine.. i'll show u the earrings... this is currently my favouritestestestest earrings!!!

the only downside of having ur mum with u for 6 months is that:

she doesnt like ur place as much as u might have expected her to, and d only think u hear from her is that it isnt the same as ur own home back home... (i'm giving her 2 whole weeks to get used to it all here.. she has no other choice, and she cant even go back home before dec, cos i'll only make her come back all the way on the 3rd of Dec!)

she doesnt understand a single thing around the kitchen, especially when its shared with a friend. i've been doing the cooking n cleaning since mum came (okay, it;s only been slightly more than 24 hours since she came... :P) and i dont mind it for now cos i'm finally capable of cooking n cleaning, and my mum is surprised big time! this morning i gave mum a good lecture about dripping water on the kitchen floor and i felt so good, cos she keeps throwing out a 1001 conditions at me back home (those were the days when i only entire the kitchen when i wanna sneak something from the fridge) LOL. and the cooking n cleaning was all worth it, cos mum finally approved of my cooking!! aahahhha... well it was about time actually... (PS: when i told her that, she reverted it to me and said it was about time i learned cooking n cleaning!). btw, i'm only giving mum time till this weekend to get used to my kitchen, and then i'll happily let her take over the kitchen department.. i've had enough of it for the past 10 months!

till yesterday.. when i was all alone here, i had all the cupboard space and storage space and the entire bedroom and bathroom to myself. from today onwards i've got to share it all with mum. i dont mind sharing anything except for my cupboard, cos i spent hours n hours sorting my clothes out and arranging it in a managable way in the no-shelf-only-one-metal-rod-hanger-cupboard that i have now

the 1st thing my mum attacked was my scarves!! look wat has become of all my beautiful scarves! i love of all it and i took care of it with tender loving care all this while! now it's gonna be sitting in this congested little suitcase

and i wont even know wat scarves i have and what i dont! :( and mum was laughing away to glory all along! she can only dream of my sharing my scarves with her now! hhmmpp!! =( =( =(


Arv said...

Moms are the best.... have a lovely time with her da...

take care... cheers...

MiM said...

her cooking sounds fantastic.
you can get her to make athirasam, finally?

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

MiM: 'some' of my mum's cooking is fantastic. my mum is unfortunately not as great a cook as ur neighbour, but i've got aunts n grandmas who make amazing athirasam... but i'll have to wait till i go back to Malaysia or India