Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Glasgow River Festival Day 1

the brochure and the website clearly said that the River Festival wasfrom the 24th till 26th of July, and it was bigger and better this year... but all we saw on the 24th was a major let down for all my expectations

yes, i'm a daft... i got too excited when i saw that it was a festival, and it was near my place and i hadnt missed it yet, and for once i knew of a festival before it was over! hence the misreading of 25th as 24th! :S

wat do u expect to see when u go a day before the actual festival?? ppl setting things up, closed booths and drop dead gorgeous navy crew!!!!!!!!!! (too bad i couldnt manage to take a pic of them!! sigh)

an empty and quiet ship instead of one full of life and laughter and fun

everything was so quiet and dead

all we could do was hopelessly, and aimlessly and not forgetting, shamelessly, take pics

at least, we had decided to drop by the next day to see if the river festival was really bigger and better this year... i wasnt too sure about it at all... but i'm glad we did make it anyways!

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