Monday, July 27, 2009

Learning cooking from my mum

*this is just a sample of one of it, and this is why i never learnt cooking from my mum but went to my aunt instead!*

at 12 noon

Mum: i'm gonna cook today, so u concentrate on ur dissertation. we can have lunch whenever u want to

Me: okay, we'll have lunch at 1.30pm. is that ok? do u need any help in the kitchen?

Mum: no, i'm fine... i know my way around the kitchen pretty well now, i can handle it. we'll have lunch at 1.30pm

Me: cool... i'll go n do my work.. i'll be in the living room if u need anything

at 12.40pm

Me: wat r u doing? how's the cooking coming along

Mum: the curry is almost done... i just have to make the mushroom and cauliflower

Me: oh, u made curry out of this? how do u make curry? i never knew how to make curry.. i always end uo making a gravy or a so-called gravy with it

Mum: its very simple. i'll tell u later.

at 2.00 pm while having lunch

Me: tell me, how did u make d curry today?

Mum: just heat oil, stir fry the washed green beans, add some water, chopped onions and tomatoes, chilli powder, coriender powder, and salt to taste. leave it to boil and then its done.

Me: oh.. so simple.. i must try next time

Me: how did u do the cauliflower and mushroom??

Mum: bla bla bla... (simple recipe)

at ~300pm while washing dishes

Me: ma, didnt u add the tamarind in the curry today? u usually add tamrind rite?

Mum: of course i did

Me: see.... me never told me this!!!! if i hadnt asked u about the tamarind now, i would have made the curry without tamarind! how do u expect me to cook well then!!

Mum: u have to come n stand in the kitchen when i'm cooking... otherwise u'll never learn properly....

Me: i dun wan... u cook so many things at the same time.. i never know how to follow

after 20 minutes

Me: didnt u add butter to the cauliflower...? u said u were gonna add

Mum: yea i did *she turns n looks at me with the 'u have to stand here n help me in the kitchen' look*

Me: * raises n eye brow* see... this is y i never learnt cooking from u... ur sister taught me so much better n gave me step by step guide some more!!

really... this is one part of why i never learnt to cook much earlier.. n especially not from my mum

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