Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yahoo Messenger

Vesha : d other day i saw Mr.T in YM
Sherline : oh yes ah?! wat he said??
Me : where's YM?

n the conversation ended there......

cos sherline n vesha were in a fit of laughter!

i didnt know YM was yaoo messenger la... i thought it was some place cos d way she said it sounded like that :P

Monday, June 23, 2008

How to refill your printer cartridge

The usual directions that are in d instruction paper which comes with d refill that u buy are like this:

1. pull out d cartridge from d printer

2. remove d label on top of d cartridge

3. insert d needle into d cartridge

4. fill it up n then replace d label

5. bla bla bla

6. llalalalallala

what d instructions fail to tell u is d most important part!!

fear not! for i am here to educate u !

first of all, remember to WEAR GLOVES!!!!!!!!! u cant find gloves also nevermind la... just use a plastic bag n wrap it around ur hand

thats d most important thing n d stupid tiny little instruction papers forget to mention that!


u know wat happens when u dont cover everything around u n urself with newspaper?? u'll have ink dripping all over d place! even if d ink doesnt over flow while filling in, it'll over flow when u finish filling it!

n this is wat u end up with :

u think this is not bad??

look at this!! :

thats my fav pair of pajamas!!! :(
i wonder if d ink stain will go off.... if it does, where will i find another pair just like this??

n that's not all.... d ink stuck to my skin!!!!!!!

i had to scrub myself for so long until i hurt myself to get rid of it!! hhmppff....

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Decided to sacrifice my crowning glory......

it cracked very badly by d sides n i had no choice but to cut it off... otherwise i would have had to forgo my whole fingernail.....

so much for wanting to paint my finger nails after 2 whole years... hhmmppfff.... :(

i dont like putting nail polish only on one hand... but no choice la....


Not nice! :(

i dont even know ho to put nail polis neatly anymore......

Friday, June 20, 2008

Personality test

I just got it by mail from a friend in Friendster.....and tried it for the sake of trying....

I gave it a try just for fun.... thought it'd be i was told... but mine answers turned out half true half untrue... hahha...

but kindda fun too.. and surprising....

there's only four questions that u have to answer.. n then later on u'll have to forward to a number of ppl so that ur wish comes true n all that crap... i didnt forward it to anyone cos i dont believe this sort of thing....

anyway, the 1st question requires u to arrange five given animals in d order u wish. i arranged mine like this : horse, sheep, cow, pig and tiger. and d answer surprised me! each animal represents the priorities in my life and the way i've arranged it is Family, Love, Career, Money and Pride. this one turned out to be true.

the 2nd question is about describing 5 animals in one word. my answers were; dog-faithful, cat-annoying, rat-disgusting, coffee, and sea. the answers are descriptions of my personality, partner, enemy, sex and own life. personal, enemy, and life was true. but i wouldnt want my partner to be annoying or my sex life to be bitter! hahahha

in the 3rd question, u'r supposed to note down a person who comes to mind according to the colour given... only d last 3 were true though.....

and d last question is stupid! u'r supposed to write down ur fav number and fav day of d week... so that at d end of this whole thing, u have to forward this to as many ppl as ur fav number within ur fav day of d week.... :P

just go try it for d fun of it... see if u'r predictable or not i see it....

- life is full of expected and unexpected stuff; u can never be too well prepared for the expected and u can never be prepared for the unexpected. so take life as it is everyday in its own stride

- people come and people go; it is absolutely not within your power and strength to stop them if they wanna go n u cannot possibly hold them off if they wanna come

- when u mean to do something helpful, people misunderstand and think that u meant to hurt them. go ahead and help them anyways. they'll understand later. (hopefully)

- if u are successful, absolutely no one will be happy for u, be successful anyways. because u succeed for yourself, not for them

- if you achieve something which not everyone can achieve, many of ur friends are going to turn their backs against u, achieve it anyways.

- if you are honest, no one's going to trust you. be honest anyway.

- in the end, its between you and God, it was never between you and them.

so, how's life treating me at d moment u ask?? All of d above

there's so many things still pending.... havent uploaded and sorted out my pics, havent changed notebook, my study room is still in a total mess, so is my clothes cupboard, havent decided on wat to do next, havent read much books, havent watched movies, havent done my church work, havent made so many calls, havent replied mails... ( just d few things i can recall rite now....)

all i'm doing rite now is chauffeuring ppl around, sitting in front of d internet-less comp for hours n hours(it doesnt make much difference even if there's internet cos d server is so bad!), making never ending calls and typing n typing n typing...


doesnt sound all that interesting rite.....

actually, i did have some interesting days... eerr.. or rather some not-so-boring days...but havent found d inspiration to blog about it

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bad bad Streamyx

Streamyx is miss behaving itself again..... it takes such a long time to upload any page, opening my gmail account has become next to impossible!

its been almost 3 days since i checked my gmail account. and like an idiot i gave my gmail acc id for some mails cos my hotmail acc was over loaded n now i cant check my mails n reply it. all my work is getting delayed because of slow server!


i got to start looking for some other braodband now... i wonder how good or bad maxis is....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

had a long, tiring, fun day

just got back home after a long tiring day... but had fun though.... eventhough most of d fun was sherline n yasmin making fun of me! :P

went to Penang, went window shopping, cosmetics shopping, shoe shopping, food shopping,mobile phone shopping n camera shopping ... n d only thing i ended buying is a cocoa butter lip balm! :S absolutely nothing else!!

my mum refused to even look at d phones n camera i was looking at!! n i kept bugging her saying that she has to get me something for my birthday... but it didnt work at all.... sigh... i wonder wat i'm gonna get this year....eerr.... i wonder if i'm gonna get anything at all from my mum!!

went for a movie with mum in d evening... Kamal's movie, Dasavatharam. it was a nice movie. worth watching at least once. Kamal's effort was mind blowing, n d make up was superb. d story line n idea was really amazing.... it shows how much time Kamal spends on his movies n how much effort he puts into everything that he does! d computer graphic wasnt all that great. some parts were truely out of d world... but some was so obviously fake. i think they could have spent more time on it. it looked like children's work... compared to d quality they presented in other parts of d movie

anyway, we took loads of pics today... but am too tired to upload everything now n explain it... will do it tomorrow or d day after or as soon as possible k!

gonna crash for d nite!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I just read a mail from a friend. its about 2 angels who visit a rich family who r very greedy n selfish, n another family who r very poor yet they share watever they have. d angel repaired a broken wall in the rich family's house n let d cow of d poor family die.

anyone, in his sane mind would ask y d angel did such a thing. "things arent always wat they seem". the angle had actually sealed d wall of d room that was filled with gold in the rich man's house n sacrificed the cow in the place of d wife in the poor family.

i wish a lot more ppl will understand that.... "Things arent always wat they seem"

it's so very true.... at least in my case... almost all the time....

if i dont msg or call back, it means i'm in no situation to msg or call back... probably due to d place i am in, or simply because i dont have credit! isnt that understandable, or isnt it obvious enough?

i mean, its not fair to throw accusations at other ppl without knowing wat exactly was d problem la..... its really not nice being on d receiving end of accusations. i dont know how it is being on d giving end

is it ok if u dont msg me or reply me immediately because u r busy?? if that is ok, y is it wrong if i were to do d same thing??

i havent updated my blog cos i havent been at home most of d time! thats d same reason i havent been able to reply my mails or to mail anyone.

i once read somewhere about a famous man saying "rule number 1 of doing a favour: do not shove it in the face of d person whom u've just done a fav for. if thats ur intension... dont even bother doing them a fav. wats d point of poking them with a knife every single time u see them n tell them that u did them a favour."

i didnt make it up. i really read it somewhere... its just that i forgot where...

if i were to count n point out d favours i did for everyone around me, it wouldnt be nice.. .would it..??

i had intended to blog about a totally different thing.... but got upset about something. is it just me or wat.....? y is it so difficult to comprehend wat i do, n wat i dont? *sigh* how much more of this will i have to go through....?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

10 more days.....

n i'm going to be a quarter of a century old.... haiz.....

symptoms of old age is catching up on me i guess... so many things to do.. so less time... so many things has happened.. but no time to update....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I've decided....

... that i'm gonna get married n settle down n not bother about wat or where to study next...

well, any potential grooms to be available??

pls feel free to mail me or msg me. we can fix an appointment to meet up and find out if we can get along n can tolerate each other for d rest of our lives.

to the potential applicants...:
~ u dont have to worry about supporting my future education.... (cos i dont intend to study anymore... )

~u'll only have to be able to provide my daily needs and necessities... (which includes shopping n electronic gadgets and all d latest household equipments).... i'm not all that difficult to please

~u'll have to know how to cook ( cos i suck at it!) and do a little bit of housework... ( or else i can arrange for training for u... thats not a problem)

~u'll have to be very very loyal to me as i will be to u ( if i ever find out that u'r straying around behind my back... u can forgo u'r balls )

~and last but not least... u'll have to be able to buy me a BMW ... it doesnt necessarily have to be a 5 series one... i dont mind with a 3 series

all said n done..... dont be shy to mail me!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

my very very busy half day!!!

i'm so busy today n yet i find time to blog!! arent u all proud of me!!

u wanna know what has been keeping me so busy today?? read on....

8.00am : phone alarm rang. "did you wake up?" u ask?? i didnt even hear d alarm ring?!!! mad ah?!! takkan i wanna wake up at 8 am on a holiday!! ( on another note... i wonder how long my holiday is gonna last... :S )

9.00am : mum called from her office... to check on me... thats my second wake up call by the way... no.. still didnt wake up, cos it's earlier than d usual 10.00 am wake up call.. :P

9.40am : finally managed to open my eyes for longer than 10 seconds... cos my phone was beeping non stop ... stupid maxis msges.....

10.00am : got some fruits from d fridge and went to d hall to continue d movie that i was watching yesterday

10.05am : realized that i forgot to switch on d dvd player... so ended up watching some chinese drama which was playing on tv

11.10am : went upstairs to my study room and switched on my comp while trying to figure out how and where to chuck all my stuff in order to clear my study room at least a little bit. ( if my room is not neat by d time my mum comes back... she's gonna get into a fit today!! )

11.20am : started chatting with Charu and Kalai while checking mails, facebook-ing n friendster-ing.... it's been ages since i updated my pics in facebook and my poor friendster account has been neglected for God knows how long!!

11.50am : realized that i havent given my new mobile number to so many ppl... i'm too busy to msg or call everyone... so, here's my number... 006-012-43232-- u can mail me or just msg me here k... then i'll give u d remaining numbers! :P ( or if u wanna go figure it out urself... be my guest!! i've always hated probability in Maths during my school days... so, i cant tell u wats ur chances of getting my number rite....)

it looks like i'm gonna be here in Malaysia for a long time now... so, u'd better take down this number.. cos i'm gonna be using this number till i leave Malaysia again....

12.15pm : called up mum to ask wat she's buying back for lunch... got to know that i;m gonna have to make my own lunch today cos mum has a meeting n cant come back... looks like i'm gonna be fasting today *sigh*

12.40pm : wrote down my to do list :~
~arrange study room
~arrange my clothes in my cupboard
~arrange mum's clothes also.. cos i threw it out on her bed to take d clothes hangers :P
~unpack remaining stuff from d cargo box n find places to stuff it in( my house not enough to keep all these things already la!! i think i got to have a garage sale in my house one day! n then i'll go buy new stuff !! heehhe )
~finish watching yesterday's movie
~make some calls and send emails
~burn cd for mum
(P.S:Kalai is complaining about me becoming very bad... no la Kalai.. me still d same... India has changed me a lot la... but not to d extreme i guess... I'll talk about that another day k.. i'm too busy today )
~meet up with friends in d evening
~sort out my comp n mum's comp n make up my mind if i wanna exchange comp or not

d list is never ending... there's so much more... but i dont wanna bore u with all of those.... i should have finished half of it in d morning... but i was busy la... told u wat.... ;p

my stomach is grumbling now... too hungry to continue my fast... gonna go to d kitchen n grab something to eat....

u guys have a great, busy, happy, blessed day k! =D

Monday, June 9, 2008

i know.. i know.. i'm slacking ....

i dont really remember wat i've been up to since i last blogged.... so many things happening at d same time.....

i drove to Penang on friday.... yup! i finally renewed my drivers license... actually.. i had to drive myself to d post office to get it renewed.. i thought of driving off straight to Penang cos we were very late, but i dared not take d risk... didnt wanna get yet another ticket from d cops... so, now that i have my license.. i can drive anywhere, anytime!!!! but i'm already getting sick of d traffic in BM n Penang these days... i've only driven for 3 days n i'm already sick of d traffic.. i cannot imagine how i'm gonna survive if i were to be travelling Penang everyday from home! :S

anyway, went with sherline and yasmin. had to drop by in IDP and USM n most importantly MAS Cargo to collect my cargo. i got my cargo already!!! yay! i have my clothes n my stuff now!! i dont have to use my mum's clothes n look like i'm floating in it! hahha... but now that i have my clothes.. my mum refuses to take me out shopping! :( i wish my clothes came a few days later... but i'm happy i already have it la.. i can persuade my mum to take me shopping very soon.. there's nothing i cant persuade my mum to do for me... hehehe....

d other day.. i think it was on friday nite.. my mum n i were talking.. n i realized how much i torture my mum.. poor her.. watever i ask for.. i get it immediately! she doesnt complain at all... eerr.. ok she does complain.. but that doesnt stop her from getting me wat i asked for... when i'm in India, my mum doesnt even go out shopping.. all she does is go to work, come back home, go to d shops to get some household things n thats it. but when i'm back in Malaysia... we dont stay at home at all..! i drag her out every single day!! i dont understand how she managed to support me all these years! *sigh*

i know i should be more considerate... i should cut down on my shopping, n demanding for all d new stuff n all that crap.. but i cant help it la.. good or bad.. this is wat i am.. if my mum can tolerate it.. then my husband to be MUST also be able to tolerate it n provide !! LOL

anyway, i'm gonna put up d random pics which i took when i went out last week.... btw, none of d pics r from my phone... it's all from yasmin's phone... i literally had to beg her for her phone cos it's soooo cool!!!!!!! 3.2 mp sony ericsson phone la! wat do u expect! it has so many features in it n yasmin still doesnt know wat is for wat!! n she was taking her pics using 1 mp!!!


these r d pics we took when we went to Sunway Mall for a movie (Narnia).. had breakfast/lunch in Noodle Station...:

Sherine ,, she has a blog.. but she never uploads .. she says she doesnt have ideas.. she's an English teacher btw.. who doesnt read n write n who pronounces market and ticket as "marrrkeett" n "tickeettt"! LOL!

Yasmin hates taking pics.. so she ends up making all sorts of faces.. n she's probably gonna kill me for putting up this pic! :P btw, thats her black coffee.. or was it white coffee??


Sherline n her Ceylone Tea

Sherline d hungry ghost.. she was too hungry that she immediately started gobbling down her food n refused to let us take a pic of her food! Hhaahha... d poor girl starved herself d nite before cos she was too scared to face her bro after getting his car scratched unintentionally...

chicken dumplings i think... it was last tuesday.. i cant remember wat is wat la.. all i do it eat it if its nice.. thats all i know

my coffee .. yup i ordered coffee cos i was still so sleepy at almost noon n i wanted to try n get used to coffee. did i like it?? nope!! yasmin ended up finishing it for me... n she complained about it tasting more of milk n no coffee at all while all i could taste was pure bitter coffee!

me noodles n lots of crab meat n fish balls!!! me love crab n fish balls!! (... among other sea food....)

my breakfast cum lunch.... d spoon was so cute... curved at d bottom...

Yasmin's noodles...dunno wat its called la....

we stopped by in Old Town White Coffee for a drink cos both Sherline n Yasmin love coffee n Yasmin was falling asleep while driving...

me n yasmin

me n sherline in Old Town White coffee.. that whole place smells like coffee!!

LAst friday we dropped by in d place called Hidden Recipe for a proper meal... ( we didnt eat anything solid or filling a whole day cos we were late n stuck in d traffic jam )

d pics were so 3D-ish... really outstanding... didnt have time to take proper pics cos yasmin tarik harga n refused to gimme her phone.. hhmmppf....

even d wall paper was so 3D-ish... looked like real bricks...

Yasmin Batman!! :D

n her fried rice.. disappointing she said... not it was ok la....

Chicken sausage... looked great on d outside... but not all that great to eat.. i didnt like it...

sherline's order... dunno wat its called... but d fish was nice!

Sherline... impatiently waiting to chew on her food....

my chocolate milk shake!!! it looked so yummy!!!! i was literally falling asleep until d minute d waitress brought d drink to me... immediately i was wide awake!! LOL! it was yummy also... tasted more like Dutch Lady chocolate milk rather than chocolate milk shake.. but i like both.. so np!! :D

n me sausages.. no.. i wasnt dieting... i had to go back home n have dinner.. so i ordered something light...

yasmin n sherline were too busy eating... so i had tot ake my own pic... :P

Did u know that u can put dried rice in d salt container so that d salt doesnt fall excessively in your food??! i didnt till d day i saw it!!

my multi coloured face... yasmin's photographic skills...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

slow streamyx *updated*

the server is down most of d time!! i cant log in to msn, cant log in to my hotmail or gmail account... cant mail anyone.... haiz.... susah la these broadbands... namesake only broadband-good connection-good speed-bla-bla-bla..... in d end its all rubbish!

went for d movie "The Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian" today afternoon with friends. i truely liked d movie!!!! especially cos my fav character was d best!!! =D

Sherline's fav was d Prince Caspian himself (Ben Barnes)... who unfortunately was of no good use!! hahha... he messed up everything from d begining. (1st of all he looked like a pretty girl in so many shots) he should have been at d guard house as planned ealier while they were attacking d castle, but nope! he chose to confront his uncle... n failed miserably. he was such a coward.. he should have killed his uncle d first time he knew about his father's murder, he should have gone ahead as planned, he should have at least killed his uncle when King Peter had already fought him in d one to one battle... but ...nope... he did none of it... cos he was too scared... n we were happily making fun of sherlilne... saying that her choice was so bad n that he guy was such a chicken! LOL.... that poor girl.......

Yasmin's guy was King Peter... d 1st of d four siblings... he was ok... he looked like Prince William a little bit... he was d egoistic one... but a good leader in my opinion.... he wasnt all that bad la... all we could tease yasmin was about how egoisitc he was... n how his younger brother was smarter than him... :P

n mine was King Edmund (Skandar Keynes)!!!!!! he was d best among all of them! hahahhha! smart, witty, bold, and most importantly d cutest one! LOL... ( macam la we're gonna marry them!)

Susan was looking really pretty n lucy was as cute as ever....but d centeurs this time werent as good looking as d ones in d 1st movie. i missed d beavers n mr tumnus too.... but d cute little mouse made up for all of them...hahha... he reminded me of d puss in Shrek

there were many tensed scences but there were as many funny scenes as well.... d theather was filled mostly with kids and adults who knew how to behave themselves... except for d 3 of us... :P we were happily laughing our hearts out n making loud comments! .... hey.. thats how u enjoy a movie anyway.....d most important thing in enjoying a movie is choosing d right gang to go with...

those of u who havent seen d movie yet... u should go watch it!! worth watching in bg screen.... i cant download and upload any pics yet cos i'm still using my mum's comp n havent figured out where goes wat n where is wat.... i cant even seem to find d right click-cut-copy-paste-thing :S... still undecided about exchanging notebooks with my mum.....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


well well well... home sweet home finally!!!!!

havent had d time to go online since last thursday... ( or was it friday??! :S... dunno la... lost count of d days already! )

exams were just killing me!! n then packing n travelling n makinf decisions ate d rest of me... so, when i landed in KL airport, all my aunt n uncle n cousin could do was sympathize me! even my mum couldnt stop staring at me for so long... i swear she was almost in tears!! n not one person out of d hundreds whom i met d day i landed ( on sunday ) had omitted to voice out their opinion on how skinny i've become...... sigh...

i havent become skinny alrite... its just that i look haggard these days because i'm stressed out most of d time n i dress up well ( to cover up d flabs n fats that seem to be showning itself at d wrong places n having fun staying there!! )

all i did for d past 2 days since i got back was to eat n sleep. today mum n i had to go to penang to get some work done.... d work isnt done.. but there's some more thinking n planning n decision making which i have to indulge in for d next few days or weeks!! i hate thinking n planning n having to change it all over again! :(

i still havent renewed my drivers license... fortunately or unfortunately .. i dont know.... fortunate cos i dont have to drive around in d traffic... unfortunate cos i'm stranded at home most of d time n i have to depend on my friends to fetch me n give me a lift. if my mum cant take me to go n renew my license by tomorrow, i'm gonna drive myself there n get my license renewed! :P hope i dont get caught along d way.. havent had a ticket from d police for quite some time now... dont intend to get anymore annoying tickets anytime in d future too

yesterday while i was talking to some friends... i miserably told them my list of shopping that i wanted to do.... all they could do was laugh at me n pity my mum n my husband to be ( whoever that unfortunate, but better-be-rich-guy is)..... cos i'll just make them bankrupt.... eerr... i'm capable of doing that... but i cant help it la.... :S

i dont know if i'm mad or wat... but i just cant stop wanting to change my phone, laptop, camera, mp3 player, electronic gadgets, shopping etc etc..... call it a disorder, call it insanity, call it madness... call it watever u want.. but this is me..

*sigh* * nods head slowly* i've got a mental disorder of being materialistic.... some pls find me a physcologist.... errr.... sponsored... possibly! ;P

i've got to complete my mums assignment for her by tonite ( since i did it for her d last time n got 20/20 for it... she insists on me doing it for her again! )... i'm gonna start charging my mum for making me do her assignments!

n i've got to transfer all my documents n stuff from my notebook to my mum's n get used to her notebook now.... after all d trouble i took to persuade n convince my mum to get d notebook that i wanted.... now i want d EEE pc ( or watever its called.... d tiny tiny, light weight, travel mate la... d one which everyone is getting these days ). n i have absolutely NO idea how i'm ever gonna ask my mum for it! i dared not even hint anything to her... but still i tred my luck last nite.... like a good girl i told my mum that i didnt wanna change notebook with her... i told her that she can keep d new one n i'll keep my old one... i wonder if she understood wat i was getting at....?? cos if she did... she was perfectly neutral n didnt show any sign of realization that i was hinting for a new notebook...

i got to go now... have to be a good girl n do my mum's assignment n try n get my new comp n other stuff as well!! hehehhe....

keep u guys updated soon!!