Wednesday, June 4, 2008

slow streamyx *updated*

the server is down most of d time!! i cant log in to msn, cant log in to my hotmail or gmail account... cant mail anyone.... haiz.... susah la these broadbands... namesake only broadband-good connection-good speed-bla-bla-bla..... in d end its all rubbish!

went for d movie "The Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian" today afternoon with friends. i truely liked d movie!!!! especially cos my fav character was d best!!! =D

Sherline's fav was d Prince Caspian himself (Ben Barnes)... who unfortunately was of no good use!! hahha... he messed up everything from d begining. (1st of all he looked like a pretty girl in so many shots) he should have been at d guard house as planned ealier while they were attacking d castle, but nope! he chose to confront his uncle... n failed miserably. he was such a coward.. he should have killed his uncle d first time he knew about his father's murder, he should have gone ahead as planned, he should have at least killed his uncle when King Peter had already fought him in d one to one battle... but ...nope... he did none of it... cos he was too scared... n we were happily making fun of sherlilne... saying that her choice was so bad n that he guy was such a chicken! LOL.... that poor girl.......

Yasmin's guy was King Peter... d 1st of d four siblings... he was ok... he looked like Prince William a little bit... he was d egoistic one... but a good leader in my opinion.... he wasnt all that bad la... all we could tease yasmin was about how egoisitc he was... n how his younger brother was smarter than him... :P

n mine was King Edmund (Skandar Keynes)!!!!!! he was d best among all of them! hahahhha! smart, witty, bold, and most importantly d cutest one! LOL... ( macam la we're gonna marry them!)

Susan was looking really pretty n lucy was as cute as ever....but d centeurs this time werent as good looking as d ones in d 1st movie. i missed d beavers n mr tumnus too.... but d cute little mouse made up for all of them...hahha... he reminded me of d puss in Shrek

there were many tensed scences but there were as many funny scenes as well.... d theather was filled mostly with kids and adults who knew how to behave themselves... except for d 3 of us... :P we were happily laughing our hearts out n making loud comments! .... hey.. thats how u enjoy a movie anyway.....d most important thing in enjoying a movie is choosing d right gang to go with...

those of u who havent seen d movie yet... u should go watch it!! worth watching in bg screen.... i cant download and upload any pics yet cos i'm still using my mum's comp n havent figured out where goes wat n where is wat.... i cant even seem to find d right click-cut-copy-paste-thing :S... still undecided about exchanging notebooks with my mum.....

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