Wednesday, June 18, 2008

had a long, tiring, fun day

just got back home after a long tiring day... but had fun though.... eventhough most of d fun was sherline n yasmin making fun of me! :P

went to Penang, went window shopping, cosmetics shopping, shoe shopping, food shopping,mobile phone shopping n camera shopping ... n d only thing i ended buying is a cocoa butter lip balm! :S absolutely nothing else!!

my mum refused to even look at d phones n camera i was looking at!! n i kept bugging her saying that she has to get me something for my birthday... but it didnt work at all.... sigh... i wonder wat i'm gonna get this year....eerr.... i wonder if i'm gonna get anything at all from my mum!!

went for a movie with mum in d evening... Kamal's movie, Dasavatharam. it was a nice movie. worth watching at least once. Kamal's effort was mind blowing, n d make up was superb. d story line n idea was really amazing.... it shows how much time Kamal spends on his movies n how much effort he puts into everything that he does! d computer graphic wasnt all that great. some parts were truely out of d world... but some was so obviously fake. i think they could have spent more time on it. it looked like children's work... compared to d quality they presented in other parts of d movie

anyway, we took loads of pics today... but am too tired to upload everything now n explain it... will do it tomorrow or d day after or as soon as possible k!

gonna crash for d nite!


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