Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I just read a mail from a friend. its about 2 angels who visit a rich family who r very greedy n selfish, n another family who r very poor yet they share watever they have. d angel repaired a broken wall in the rich family's house n let d cow of d poor family die.

anyone, in his sane mind would ask y d angel did such a thing. "things arent always wat they seem". the angle had actually sealed d wall of d room that was filled with gold in the rich man's house n sacrificed the cow in the place of d wife in the poor family.

i wish a lot more ppl will understand that.... "Things arent always wat they seem"

it's so very true.... at least in my case... almost all the time....

if i dont msg or call back, it means i'm in no situation to msg or call back... probably due to d place i am in, or simply because i dont have credit! isnt that understandable, or isnt it obvious enough?

i mean, its not fair to throw accusations at other ppl without knowing wat exactly was d problem la..... its really not nice being on d receiving end of accusations. i dont know how it is being on d giving end

is it ok if u dont msg me or reply me immediately because u r busy?? if that is ok, y is it wrong if i were to do d same thing??

i havent updated my blog cos i havent been at home most of d time! thats d same reason i havent been able to reply my mails or to mail anyone.

i once read somewhere about a famous man saying "rule number 1 of doing a favour: do not shove it in the face of d person whom u've just done a fav for. if thats ur intension... dont even bother doing them a fav. wats d point of poking them with a knife every single time u see them n tell them that u did them a favour."

i didnt make it up. i really read it somewhere... its just that i forgot where...

if i were to count n point out d favours i did for everyone around me, it wouldnt be nice.. .would it..??

i had intended to blog about a totally different thing.... but got upset about something. is it just me or wat.....? y is it so difficult to comprehend wat i do, n wat i dont? *sigh* how much more of this will i have to go through....?

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