Friday, June 20, 2008 i see it....

- life is full of expected and unexpected stuff; u can never be too well prepared for the expected and u can never be prepared for the unexpected. so take life as it is everyday in its own stride

- people come and people go; it is absolutely not within your power and strength to stop them if they wanna go n u cannot possibly hold them off if they wanna come

- when u mean to do something helpful, people misunderstand and think that u meant to hurt them. go ahead and help them anyways. they'll understand later. (hopefully)

- if u are successful, absolutely no one will be happy for u, be successful anyways. because u succeed for yourself, not for them

- if you achieve something which not everyone can achieve, many of ur friends are going to turn their backs against u, achieve it anyways.

- if you are honest, no one's going to trust you. be honest anyway.

- in the end, its between you and God, it was never between you and them.

so, how's life treating me at d moment u ask?? All of d above

there's so many things still pending.... havent uploaded and sorted out my pics, havent changed notebook, my study room is still in a total mess, so is my clothes cupboard, havent decided on wat to do next, havent read much books, havent watched movies, havent done my church work, havent made so many calls, havent replied mails... ( just d few things i can recall rite now....)

all i'm doing rite now is chauffeuring ppl around, sitting in front of d internet-less comp for hours n hours(it doesnt make much difference even if there's internet cos d server is so bad!), making never ending calls and typing n typing n typing...


doesnt sound all that interesting rite.....

actually, i did have some interesting days... eerr.. or rather some not-so-boring days...but havent found d inspiration to blog about it

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