Tuesday, June 10, 2008

my very very busy half day!!!

i'm so busy today n yet i find time to blog!! arent u all proud of me!!

u wanna know what has been keeping me so busy today?? read on....

8.00am : phone alarm rang. "did you wake up?" u ask?? i didnt even hear d alarm ring?!!! mad ah?!! takkan i wanna wake up at 8 am on a holiday!! ( on another note... i wonder how long my holiday is gonna last... :S )

9.00am : mum called from her office... to check on me... thats my second wake up call by the way... no.. still didnt wake up, cos it's earlier than d usual 10.00 am wake up call.. :P

9.40am : finally managed to open my eyes for longer than 10 seconds... cos my phone was beeping non stop ... stupid maxis msges.....

10.00am : got some fruits from d fridge and went to d hall to continue d movie that i was watching yesterday

10.05am : realized that i forgot to switch on d dvd player... so ended up watching some chinese drama which was playing on tv

11.10am : went upstairs to my study room and switched on my comp while trying to figure out how and where to chuck all my stuff in order to clear my study room at least a little bit. ( if my room is not neat by d time my mum comes back... she's gonna get into a fit today!! )

11.20am : started chatting with Charu and Kalai while checking mails, facebook-ing n friendster-ing.... it's been ages since i updated my pics in facebook and my poor friendster account has been neglected for God knows how long!!

11.50am : realized that i havent given my new mobile number to so many ppl... i'm too busy to msg or call everyone... so, here's my number... 006-012-43232-- u can mail me or just msg me here k... then i'll give u d remaining numbers! :P ( or if u wanna go figure it out urself... be my guest!! i've always hated probability in Maths during my school days... so, i cant tell u wats ur chances of getting my number rite....)

it looks like i'm gonna be here in Malaysia for a long time now... so, u'd better take down this number.. cos i'm gonna be using this number till i leave Malaysia again....

12.15pm : called up mum to ask wat she's buying back for lunch... got to know that i;m gonna have to make my own lunch today cos mum has a meeting n cant come back... looks like i'm gonna be fasting today *sigh*

12.40pm : wrote down my to do list :~
~arrange study room
~arrange my clothes in my cupboard
~arrange mum's clothes also.. cos i threw it out on her bed to take d clothes hangers :P
~unpack remaining stuff from d cargo box n find places to stuff it in( my house not enough to keep all these things already la!! i think i got to have a garage sale in my house one day! n then i'll go buy new stuff !! heehhe )
~finish watching yesterday's movie
~make some calls and send emails
~burn cd for mum
(P.S:Kalai is complaining about me becoming very bad... no la Kalai.. me still d same... India has changed me a lot la... but not to d extreme i guess... I'll talk about that another day k.. i'm too busy today )
~meet up with friends in d evening
~sort out my comp n mum's comp n make up my mind if i wanna exchange comp or not

d list is never ending... there's so much more... but i dont wanna bore u with all of those.... i should have finished half of it in d morning... but i was busy la... told u wat.... ;p

my stomach is grumbling now... too hungry to continue my fast... gonna go to d kitchen n grab something to eat....

u guys have a great, busy, happy, blessed day k! =D

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