Tuesday, June 3, 2008


well well well... home sweet home finally!!!!!

havent had d time to go online since last thursday... ( or was it friday??! :S... dunno la... lost count of d days already! )

exams were just killing me!! n then packing n travelling n makinf decisions ate d rest of me... so, when i landed in KL airport, all my aunt n uncle n cousin could do was sympathize me! even my mum couldnt stop staring at me for so long... i swear she was almost in tears!! n not one person out of d hundreds whom i met d day i landed ( on sunday ) had omitted to voice out their opinion on how skinny i've become...... sigh...

i havent become skinny alrite... its just that i look haggard these days because i'm stressed out most of d time n i dress up well ( to cover up d flabs n fats that seem to be showning itself at d wrong places n having fun staying there!! )

all i did for d past 2 days since i got back was to eat n sleep. today mum n i had to go to penang to get some work done.... d work isnt done.. but there's some more thinking n planning n decision making which i have to indulge in for d next few days or weeks!! i hate thinking n planning n having to change it all over again! :(

i still havent renewed my drivers license... fortunately or unfortunately .. i dont know.... fortunate cos i dont have to drive around in d traffic... unfortunate cos i'm stranded at home most of d time n i have to depend on my friends to fetch me n give me a lift. if my mum cant take me to go n renew my license by tomorrow, i'm gonna drive myself there n get my license renewed! :P hope i dont get caught along d way.. havent had a ticket from d police for quite some time now... dont intend to get anymore annoying tickets anytime in d future too

yesterday while i was talking to some friends... i miserably told them my list of shopping that i wanted to do.... all they could do was laugh at me n pity my mum n my husband to be ( whoever that unfortunate, but better-be-rich-guy is)..... cos i'll just make them bankrupt.... eerr... i'm capable of doing that... but i cant help it la.... :S

i dont know if i'm mad or wat... but i just cant stop wanting to change my phone, laptop, camera, mp3 player, electronic gadgets, shopping etc etc..... call it a disorder, call it insanity, call it madness... call it watever u want.. but this is me..

*sigh* * nods head slowly* i've got a mental disorder of being materialistic.... some pls find me a physcologist.... errr.... sponsored... possibly! ;P

i've got to complete my mums assignment for her by tonite ( since i did it for her d last time n got 20/20 for it... she insists on me doing it for her again! )... i'm gonna start charging my mum for making me do her assignments!

n i've got to transfer all my documents n stuff from my notebook to my mum's n get used to her notebook now.... after all d trouble i took to persuade n convince my mum to get d notebook that i wanted.... now i want d EEE pc ( or watever its called.... d tiny tiny, light weight, travel mate la... d one which everyone is getting these days ). n i have absolutely NO idea how i'm ever gonna ask my mum for it! i dared not even hint anything to her... but still i tred my luck last nite.... like a good girl i told my mum that i didnt wanna change notebook with her... i told her that she can keep d new one n i'll keep my old one... i wonder if she understood wat i was getting at....?? cos if she did... she was perfectly neutral n didnt show any sign of realization that i was hinting for a new notebook...

i got to go now... have to be a good girl n do my mum's assignment n try n get my new comp n other stuff as well!! hehehhe....

keep u guys updated soon!!

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Yasmin said...

holy canolli!! talk about major emotional diarrhoea! we still love you.