Sunday, June 26, 2016

I am truly blessed, highly favoured, and deeply loved.

Birthdays are meant to be joyous occasions, and that’s why it’s always “happy birthday” or “blessed birthday” or “many more happy returns of the day”. Birthdays are celebrated to mark the addition of another year in one’s life, and to give thanks to the year that has passed.

As far as I remember, I’ve spent the last few years thanking and acknowledging God for His blessings, providence, guidance etc. But this year, I want to acknowledge something else that was more prominent to me.

Sending a text of Facebook message hardly takes 10 seconds, but sending a video message, and that too personalized ones is a whole new ball game. I know how difficult and awkward it would have been. All of you have been so spontaneous (I also heard some had to rehearse many times lol), so generous, so genuine.

I’ve already seen that video a few times since the 24th, and each time I see it, I am made more and more aware of how meaningful it is. Am I really loved that much? Am I really that special? Am I really that important that all of you would take the time to do this for me? This is something I would cherish for life. Every wish and prayer was so special to me.

This video made me smile, laugh, cry, think, realize, be thankful and miss everyone of you. I am truly loved, I am appreciated, I am an influencer.

Thank you once again to each and every one of you all over the world - for all your efforts, best wishes, prayers and blessings. Despite the distance, you’ve always had me in mind. I mean it when I say, it has not only made my day, it has made me see my life in an entirely new way.

Thank you my darling husband, for making it this special for me, with this video and the special surprise of what I wanted. The sleepless days and nights and chasing around has paid off. Thank you ma for playing along and making this happen too.

I am truly blessed, highly favoured, and deeply loved.