Friday, May 2, 2014

Too much social media sites to keep up with

At first it was Friendster, and then I vaguely remember Orkut, but fortunately it didn’t live too long. And then came Facebook, which eventually killed Friendster. 

So, everyone was happy with Facebook when it first began. it kindda seemed to do a lot of things which accommodated it’s millions of clients. But we are never satisfied with what we have are we? Both us as users and them, the money makers. 

Once we had Facebook, somebody thought it would be a great idea to have Instagram, to upload photos. We can already do that on Facebook! so why do you need Instagram??! 

Well, Instagram isn’t a problem at all. In fact it brought about the birth of many professional Instagramers who uploaded professional pictures of scenery and advertising which was quite interesting and educational. There were also those who were uploading #ootd, #randoms, #dirtymirrordontcare #etc #rubbishthatnoonewantstosee (guilty as charged *shifty eyes). 

what is it with these hashtags things?? i’m so bad at them, that i’m seriously considering  using #lousyathashtags. is that acceptable?? It definitely suits me. 

I recently discovered a few other sites/apps/pages to upload (so called) professional pictures, like national geography, pixoto, twenty20, 500pix, flickr, red bubble, twitter, flickr etc… just to name a few. I tried my hand at a few of it, but I’m in the verge of giving up. 

I’ve come to a stage where i don’t see what’s the point of uploading pictures everywhere. Every tom, dick, donkey and monkey has a dSLR. Everyone thinks he takes good pictures. Everyone wants to be appreciated and recognised for it. Everyone wants to make money or win a competition with his pictures. But as obvious as it is, surely not everyone has been successful at it, or will ever be.  

I’m just tired of all this. I’m tired of uploading pictures in new apps, and remembering which picture was uploading onto which site, and what i captioned it (I can’t even caption pictures anymore, other than to name it as flower, moon, sky, flower, flower), and what competition is running, it’s rules, dead line etc. I only spent 30 minutes in twenty20 app, and 1 hour in National Geography registering an account, and uploading some pics and trying to understand how it works, and I’m already tired. and yet i registered with Flickr. 

I just don’t get the point anymore. If you have an idea, pls enlighten me. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

On drivers who abide by the rules while driving

To the drivers who abide by the speed limit when you drive on motorways - I salute you! 

To the drivers who never as much looked in the direction of where the speed limit is displayed because you are driving too fast - you are bad ass! But i salute you too! cos you don’t hog the speeding lane ! 

Abiding the speed limit is one thing, but driving at 55 mph on a 70 mph motorway speeding lane for the whole stretch of 10 miles is totally another thing! 

What on earth were you thinking?! Did you think you were the only driver on that 4 lane motorway at 9.30am!? Or did you think that it was your grandfather’s road that gives you every authority in the world that you could crawl on it if you wanted to? 

If only you were to live in Malaysia, you wouldn’t survive for 5 minutes driving on Malaysian soil. You would be brutally mocked, honked at, shoved and pushed around… like literally! You don’t stand a chance driving amongst expert Malaysian drivers. If you haven’t heard, we are experts in over-taking, speeding, reckless driving, and most importantly experts in not following speed limits so we don’t believe is slowing down while driving on a motorway !! 

You probably just need to go back to driving school and learn from the basics! Stay on the farthest left lane (the farther it is, the better for you!) if you wanna drive that slow. And stay away from the speeding lane. like seriously, just stay away from the speeding lane. That lane is definitely not made for you! 

And I probably need to enrol myself in anger management class and learn to be patient towards annoying people like you on a weekday morning! 

But seriously, 55mph on a 70mph road?! i don't believe you actually did that!! ggrrrr!!! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

In a relationship ... with Facebook

So, i have this love hate relationship with FB. And it’s been going on and on for years now, that it’s becoming annoying. 

Why love? 
  1. Cos my friends live in it!! You know, like my friends live in my computer or phone, my friends live in FB too. Every so often i see their updates with pictures and status msg. I can like it or comment on it and it feels good to know that i’m part of their lives and that I’m up to date with what is happening. 
  2. Cos I get to update things about my live and my friends get updated about me this way. (yea rite! as if i take any effort to actually update my Facebook page)

Why hate? 
  1. Cos i’m a stalker in FB. Not only do I see my friend’s updates, I also see friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s updates. It went to  the point where i wanted to send one such ‘friend’ a friend’s request so that I can stalk him more and look at his pics, and hopefully learn something from his techniques and style. Also cos they have really ‘interesting’ lives. 
  2. Cos I spend hours on it for useless things, like looking at almost every photography pages that I’ve subscribed to, for no particular reason. 
  3. Cos I live in other people’s dreams. You know how it’s become a trend now that everyone travels everywhere just for the sake of posting pics on Instagram and Facebook? If someone is uploading pictures in a social media, someone has to look at it right? I’m the undignified fool, sitting and looking at all those pictures, wishing I was the one traveling. But it’s ok if I’m not there, cos i’ve seen enough through those 1000s of pictures on other people’s Facebook. It’s as if people live to travel these days. What is the world coming to?! 

For the umpteenth time today, I was considering deactivating my Facebook account, rather unsuccessfully I must say. Cos while verbally expressing my feelings about Facebook here, I stumbled upon a friend’s trip to Bangkok, and am simultaneously planning out my (non-existing) future holiday to Bangkok, purely for the sake of Thai massages and shopping! 

Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?? 

One fine day, I will conquer Facebook, and not vice versa. Until that day comes, I’ll just keep myself busy with planning holidays and photoshoot outings. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

On aspirations and inspirations

I write this as i am switching pages between 1) a reality debate show in Vijay TV youtube channel in which a friend participated, 2) a talk show with popular host DD and Shreya the actress, 3) reading several blogs, 4) msging friends on Viber 5) msging said friend in no.1 on FB to let her know that I’m inspired by her achievements, and most importantly .. 6) ppl watching. 

Talk about multi tasking! this is why i never get any serious work done… like job or pHd applications or even reading. Everything I do is always with my laptop or my phone. Sometimes I wish i didn’t have my MacBook and my iPhone. No, i didn’t mean it … not at all… not one bit. Please don’t take away my gadgets from me! 

I just noticed that Shreya blinks a lot, and it’s quite unnatural. Maybe she’s wearing contact lenses that aren’t very comfortable… 

Anyways, back to what i was going to say (how easily can I get distracted?!). Although i’m doing so many things at the same time, it is all related .. or I would like to think so. 

The debate show, the reality talk show and the kind of blogs that i read have something which catches my attention and interest me, either for the way people talk or write, the things they’ve achieved in their life, or how hardworking they are. 

The one thing that we’ve all always wanted in our lives is to be acknowledged and appreciated for the things we do. You would be lying through your teeth if you say you never wanted that. we all crave for acknowledgements, appreciations, rewards, publicity etc. I know I do, and I’m not ashamed to admit it even if you are. 

It is human nature that we want to make a mark for ourselves in this world while we are alive, and when we die, even if we don’t leave a legacy behind, we would want to be remembered for something that is worth it. no one wants to be the one whom nobody remembers by name or by face. No one wants to be somebody who have nothing to say for themselves or about themselves. 

so, if no one wants to be ignored/avoided/forgotten, then why is it that only some of them make it big? why it is that all of us aren’t on TV, or participating in debate shows of travelling in first class flights to attend business meetings or meet and greet with fans? It’s because you’ve been content with only seeing and not doing it. Seeing on TV doesn’t teleport you into it and miraculously makes you it. there’s no magic lamp that you imaginarily rub while watching YouTube and have a genie grant your wishes to be in that show. 

watching other people achieve is good, but its only good to a certain extend. by all means, do read or watch autobiographies and true stories about people who have done so. but how much time are you going to spend doing that? if you spend 7 hours a day watching inspirational stuff, 10 hours for sleeping, eating and personal hygiene, and the remaining 7 hours working,  when are you going to do it? 

what’s d whole point of watching a debate or an interview with a celebrity?? Pass time, entertainment, morale support, motivation etc etc. If so, do it then!! why don’t you give your dog the honour to have an interview with you. or why not practice debating at home (it might not be avery good idea doing that with your parents all the time though … i warned you!). 

if you see something that inspires you, just do it. do it. do it. DO IT!! DONT KEEP WATCHING ! Go out in the rain, go out in the cold, take a bus or a train, or walk if you have to go somewhere. do whatever you have to, as long as you DO IT! You weren’t created to be a wallflower. you were made to stand out, so just stand out for crying out loud. 

If you want something, do yourself a favour and get off your lazy bum and go and get it. it’s not going to grow hands/leg/wings and coming flying to you and fall on your lap. oh, and stop procrastinating and being unmotivated while you are on your way there. it makes the journey much shorter, and definitely much more memorable and pleasant !