Thursday, April 24, 2014

On drivers who abide by the rules while driving

To the drivers who abide by the speed limit when you drive on motorways - I salute you! 

To the drivers who never as much looked in the direction of where the speed limit is displayed because you are driving too fast - you are bad ass! But i salute you too! cos you don’t hog the speeding lane ! 

Abiding the speed limit is one thing, but driving at 55 mph on a 70 mph motorway speeding lane for the whole stretch of 10 miles is totally another thing! 

What on earth were you thinking?! Did you think you were the only driver on that 4 lane motorway at 9.30am!? Or did you think that it was your grandfather’s road that gives you every authority in the world that you could crawl on it if you wanted to? 

If only you were to live in Malaysia, you wouldn’t survive for 5 minutes driving on Malaysian soil. You would be brutally mocked, honked at, shoved and pushed around… like literally! You don’t stand a chance driving amongst expert Malaysian drivers. If you haven’t heard, we are experts in over-taking, speeding, reckless driving, and most importantly experts in not following speed limits so we don’t believe is slowing down while driving on a motorway !! 

You probably just need to go back to driving school and learn from the basics! Stay on the farthest left lane (the farther it is, the better for you!) if you wanna drive that slow. And stay away from the speeding lane. like seriously, just stay away from the speeding lane. That lane is definitely not made for you! 

And I probably need to enrol myself in anger management class and learn to be patient towards annoying people like you on a weekday morning! 

But seriously, 55mph on a 70mph road?! i don't believe you actually did that!! ggrrrr!!! 

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