Sunday, October 21, 2007

have u seen anyone so careless n stupid??!

i mean.. seriously.. when was d last time u've seen anyone so careless n stupid for some reason or d other?? have u seen or heard of anyone who books a flight tickets without checking d calendar??! well... u'r looking at one now! eerr... u'r reading her blog now actually....

i booked my flight ticket without looking at d calender, confirmed it with my mum, got d ticket issued n paid for it some 3 days back, n got hold of d ticket n happily blogged about it n announced to d whole wide world that i'll be going back home on d 24th of Nov, n realized only yesterday that my return flight is on a friday!!!

wat would i do back in bangalore on a friday nite...when i can spend another extra day or two at home n fly back on a sunday?!? n that too when there r flights flying back to bangalore from Pg on saturdays n sundays!!! how much more careless can i get!!!

tomorrow i have to call up d travel agent n ask them if they can make d changes.... i hope there r seats available on sunday n i hope they dont charge me extra for that!!! i have to call them up in d morning n wait till they settle n confirm everything... n i'm not even sure if there'll be any more availlability!! i guess it'll be evening before i know anything for sure..

AARRGGHHH!!! all this because of my stupid carelessness!!! how can i book my flight n confirm d dates so over confidently without even looking at d calender?!! i mean, how long would it have taken me to look at d dates in a calender?!?!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

i got my tickets already!!!!!!! :D

yup!!! I'VE GOT MY TICKETS ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

my friend's aunt brought it back home for me in d evening today... i've been waiting for this since monday!! hahaha... but since aunty was sick.. she didnt go to work till today... but anyway.. i got hold of d tickets already!!!!!!!! i cant wait to go back home!!!! hahahahha

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

24th Nov... where art thou??

actually... 23rd of nov... where art thou!!??! but before that i have my exams to think about! :( there's so much to study!!!!! how can they possibly make us study a whole year's syllabus within a so called 6-month-semester. its only 6 months for name's sake...but in reallity we only have 3 months of classes, 2 weeks or less for study break n then 1 whole month of exams!!

i dont remember if i've mentioned this before.. ( i've been cribbing about this every single day when i see my BCom n BA friends ).. d BCom n BA students get to go back home for their semester break from d 6th of nov.. while we have to stay beack till d 22nd of nov!! y?? because we have pracs n they dont!!!!!!

there's so much to study!!! =( =( =(. by d end of everyday i just get so saturated n brain dead!! even in my sleep i dream about stupid chemistry n biotech...!!at least i havent started seeing animals n skeletons in my dreams..! cos i havent started studying zoology.... sigh!

i've been counting d days for d 24th of Nov... but 27th of Oct is much much nearer that i expected! i have to get over with d 27th of Oct before 24th of Nov.....

10 more days to go! half of me wants 27th of Oct to be nearer so that i can go back home soon... but d other half doesnt want 27th of Oct to come at all cos i dont know wat crap i'll write in my exams!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


my final exams is starting in exactly 10 days time... n i still have d time n guts to feel bored!!

my friend n i started studying on saturday... n today's only monday.. i'm already gettign bugged of staying at home, making time table, trying to follow it n study.... :( but i have to go on doing this same routine for more than a month! my exams r from d 27th of oct till d 22nd of nov.

its so not fair! d B.Com n BA students get to go back home for their semester break on d 7th of nov while we d B.Sc students have to wait till 22nd of Nov cos of our stupid pracs!!! its always us d science students who have to sacrifice everything! be it movies, fun, fest, or even holidays! y?? because we r science students n we have to sacrifice everything n devote our lives to our Labs!! my foot!! i cant wait to get over with this BSc n go back home for good!

n in d mean time ( which is another 6 months before i can sya good bye to BSc... ) i have to go n study chemistry now!! :( :( :( I HATE CHEMISTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well.. if i am still in my sane mind tomorrow after trying to figure out y chemistry is important n necessary for me n trying to mug up a bunch of equations n structures n utter rubbish of chemistry tonite ( successfully or not.. i wouldnt know until my exams r over...! ).. i'll update tomorrow .. or not.. u wont hear from me for a few more days...! ( i;m sure u now y.. )

Friday, October 12, 2007

stupid government servants!!!

today was such a hectic tiring day, n most of all IRRITATING day!!!!!!!

i went to college for absolutely no reason at all.. actually, i had a lot of work to do.. but nothing got done cos of lazy ppl!!! d teachers themselves delay everything till d last minute n they yell at us for not keeping our work up to date!my zoology records were due on monday. i spent d whole day ( from 9am till 3.30pm ) writing non stop to complete everything, n submitted both d records... n till today, none of it is even corrected! ( leave alone attestation!), n d teachers r d ones who tell us not to leave everything till d last minute!!

n then i had to go to d FRO ( Foreigner's Registration Office ) to get my RP ( Residential Permit ). i did it myself last year.. n i should have done it myself this year too!!i couldnt go on my own cos i didnt have d time.. by d time my classes get over.. d FRO would be closed already.. so i gave to my good-for-nothing education consultant! he's only my education consultant for namesake n to snatch money from me! i told him like a hundred times that there'll be a penalty of USD 30 if it gets delayed, n that i wont pay for it again ( yea.. i had to pay that last year..) he said no problem n he'll take care of it n dont worry n all those crap!!

in d end, he obviously delayed it, n he said I WILL have to pay d penalty! like hell i will... when i told him i wont, he stopped answering my calls...n he even had d nerve to tell me that it wasnt his work at all, n he was just doing me a fav!! i decided that he had to learn his lesson!!! i had to call up his partner in malaysia ( these fellows work with partners all over d place...), n i had to call up a few other ppl.. as if that wasnt enough.. my mum had to interfere as well... n finally he agreed to pay.. n that too he didnt tell me himself.. he made his staff tell me.. well, it didnt matter who told.. wat i wanted was for him to pay for his own delay n carelessness n i got it! hah... he asked for it!!!

so, today i had to go to d FRO with this staff guy ( John ), cos i had to sign a few documents... n believe me i had a tough time with this John guy! he's d heights of Blurness!!!! how can anyone be like that?!! he didnt know wat i or even he was talking about at all!! i asked him how long he'll take to reach d office..n he says he'll pay d penalty! i ask him wat next n he tells me wat d time is!!!!

as if that wasnt enough to handle.. i had to pay bribe to those lazy asses who warm their seats for no reason at all!! d penalty was already paid for in d bank for d delay... n y d hell do these ppl want money for!! arent they being paid by d government to come to an office, sit there, n gossip about everything under d sun, n eat n snore n God knows for wat else??!!! n yet they want some more money to give me d documents that i rightfully deserve!!!

while i was standing there, that idiotic officer told john in Kannada ( d local dialect here ) that i have to give him some money, n i have to keep it in d passport n give it to him!n he's telling John to tell me about it! ( as if i dont understand their dirty language n tactics!!)

D penalty was USD30 ( which was already paid in d bank ) n this shameless officer wanted more than USD20 for himself!!!!!! can u believe it!!! 1st of all he so daringly asks for bribe n on top of that he has d nerve to demand for so much!! that did it! i got so wild i said i refuse to give him any money at all!! i've given them some money last year when i had to get this thing done.. but they didnt demand for it.. i gave watever i wanted to! but this time.. this idiot asked for so much!! i wanted to protest so badly! but John tried his best to shut me up.. saying that i wont get d documents that i have to..! then i had no choice at all... but i still refused to give him d amount that he asked for ( RS1000).. i gave him RS600...which John kept inside d passport together with d other documents...

that officer took d money, counted, n asked y there was lesser than how much he asked for!!! how much lower can he stoop!!?? but i guess he doesnt have even one tiny bit of guilt for asking money in d 1st place.. cos if he did... he wouldnt have asked at all!!!n he even said that it was ok n this time he'll adjust after john told him that i was a student that i didnt know n bla bla bla...

n i wasnt d only one who was having a problem! one girl missed her flight back home to her country, another old man was sent up n down n in n out of d office so many times that he fell sick, another man lost his temper cos he was being made to bring so many unnecessary documents n he wasnt even told in advance about everything, another lady had to spend d whole day there with her very young children, another old couple where made to wait d whole morning....all this for one simple reason..they refused to pay d bribe that was asked for!

AARRGGHH!!! it was so annoying!! y cant anyone he honest in their life! y is it so difficult to be honest n to obey laws n rule n regulations! if no one wants to follow it, then y d hell bother making it up!!! john said that those fools must have had to pay a large sum of money to get those jobs... n this is d only way they can earn everything n pay back their loan. if they cant afford it, then y bother trying to get it??!! n which idiot was d one who started making money from giving a government job!!??

Lord!!! this country is so full of all this nonsense! its not like this sort of thing doesnt happen anywhere else in d world.. of course it does! but there's always a limit to everything n most of d other countries' citizens have at least a tiny little bit of fear for the Lord n their laws.. !

if only God gave me one wish.. that would be for Indians to change have a honest heart... but i doubt God Himself will be able to do that.. if man is not willing to change!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

i'm sick :(

less than 3 weeks away from my semester exams.. n i choose to fall sick! talk about perfect timing! obviously i didnt choose to fall sick... but yet.. i'm sick now... thanks to d stupid weather fluctuations in Bangalore n d pollutions around!

n i've been sleeping like a sleeping beauty since friday i think! friday i slept for God only knows how many hours.. cos i was sleep deprived for 3 or 4 days while d Vision Net team was here... n then on saturday.. i slept through dinner cos of d cough mixture which i had to take ( i got cough cos of all d ice cream n cold drinks n milk shakes which i had while i had been eating out with d Vision net team.. i didnt think about falling sick even for one second while having all those.. but am suffering from d consequences now! ), on sunday and monday i slept as if my examas were already over... yesterday i slept too long in d afternoon n today.. i slept cos of d flu tablets which i had to take...

i wonder y i sleep so much before exams.. i mean it only happens rite before exams!!!!

when i bought d tablets in d morning today, d pharmacist said that it wasnt drowsy, but i've been sleeping like a rock since evening... n i cant even stay awake for 1 or 2 hours... i wonder if its just me.. or my body is over reacting to even non drowsy medications! when i tried to force myself to get out of bed n have some dinner before my mum called... i felt as if i was floating... like a hangover ( not that i know wat a hangover is..;p .. )

i hope this cold n flu is cleared by tomorrow.. i'm getting fed up of sleeping so much already!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

exams in less than 3 weeks already...

it's 12am here in india.... i'm supposed to be studying... but here i am blogging! d exact opposite of studying...! *sigh*

i just cant seem to be able to concentrate on my studies... thinking too much about d past, present n future... past is happy memory, present is depressing, n future is all imaginations n hope... which is obviously happy too... so... i'm kindda lingering in d past n future, instead of concentration in my present life n try n study

Last week was so much of fun! my friend's from Malaysia in d the Vision Net team had come to Bangalore for a few days.. n i was with them all d days. since it was all men this time, i didnt stay over with them... i leave my house early in d morning n go over to their place.. n get back home late at nite about after 12 almost everday.. i even bunked college.. :P

we went shopping, window shopping, cuci mata-ing ( only they did that... i couldnt even look at anyone with 5 men walking around me like my bodyguards!!!hahaha ), eating out.... i think i laughed a lot in those 4 days more than i did in many days...

i kept thinking about those few days.. but now am day dreaming about nov/dec ( me sem break ...when i'll be going back HOME!! :D ). day dreaming is nothing new for me... heheh.. i mean.. i'm a full time day dreamer n part time student.. so, day dreaming comes naturally to me... i've already started planning my holidays at home.. as in wat i'll be doing when i get back home, where i'll be going, who i'll be meeting up with, shopping, eating... n d list goes on n on...

i always do this a few weeks/days before d exam.. cos d break starts rite after the exams... some times i even think about home n holidays while doing my paper!! heights of day dreaming i tell u!!

i've got major plans for this holidays... =) i just cant wait to get back home!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007


well.. yup.. i'm back again... back under popular demand!! ahahahha!

i kindda stopped bloggin while i was at home during d break... i guess i might stop again when i go back home this sem break... but i'll just blog till then...

ok ok.. here goes to everyone who asked y i stopped blogging.....i didnt stop cos i didnt feel like it anymore.. i just stopped cos i didnt go online as often (while i was at home in Malaysia) as i used to while i'm here in India.. n my mum hates it when i'm sitting online for too long.. so, naturally i spent lesser time online... n i was going out everyday, doing chores, occupied with many others things n commitments.. so blogging had to take a back seat at that time... i considered blogging again when i got back to india... but i didnt wanna make it a habit.. so i thought i might just stop...

but so many ppl have been asking me y i stopped.... n more were asking to update my blog in, i've decided to continue!! :D but i guess i'll just continue blogging here in friendster rather than in blogspot... am gonna delete that account.. cos a lot of them find it more convenient here...

oh n by the way.. i chose this auspicious day n time ( 6th of Oct, 2am Indian time, n 4.30am Malysian time ) to re-launch my blog...partly cos i cant go back to sleep ( not after d stupid unnecessary nap i had from 10pm to 12am ) n cos i'm cursing myself for falling asleep instead of talking to my mum!! i havent spoken to her for 3 days in a row!! :(

how much more ungrateful/irresponsible/selffish can a daughter get?!