Wednesday, October 10, 2007

i'm sick :(

less than 3 weeks away from my semester exams.. n i choose to fall sick! talk about perfect timing! obviously i didnt choose to fall sick... but yet.. i'm sick now... thanks to d stupid weather fluctuations in Bangalore n d pollutions around!

n i've been sleeping like a sleeping beauty since friday i think! friday i slept for God only knows how many hours.. cos i was sleep deprived for 3 or 4 days while d Vision Net team was here... n then on saturday.. i slept through dinner cos of d cough mixture which i had to take ( i got cough cos of all d ice cream n cold drinks n milk shakes which i had while i had been eating out with d Vision net team.. i didnt think about falling sick even for one second while having all those.. but am suffering from d consequences now! ), on sunday and monday i slept as if my examas were already over... yesterday i slept too long in d afternoon n today.. i slept cos of d flu tablets which i had to take...

i wonder y i sleep so much before exams.. i mean it only happens rite before exams!!!!

when i bought d tablets in d morning today, d pharmacist said that it wasnt drowsy, but i've been sleeping like a rock since evening... n i cant even stay awake for 1 or 2 hours... i wonder if its just me.. or my body is over reacting to even non drowsy medications! when i tried to force myself to get out of bed n have some dinner before my mum called... i felt as if i was floating... like a hangover ( not that i know wat a hangover is..;p .. )

i hope this cold n flu is cleared by tomorrow.. i'm getting fed up of sleeping so much already!!

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