Wednesday, October 17, 2007

24th Nov... where art thou??

actually... 23rd of nov... where art thou!!??! but before that i have my exams to think about! :( there's so much to study!!!!! how can they possibly make us study a whole year's syllabus within a so called 6-month-semester. its only 6 months for name's sake...but in reallity we only have 3 months of classes, 2 weeks or less for study break n then 1 whole month of exams!!

i dont remember if i've mentioned this before.. ( i've been cribbing about this every single day when i see my BCom n BA friends ).. d BCom n BA students get to go back home for their semester break from d 6th of nov.. while we have to stay beack till d 22nd of nov!! y?? because we have pracs n they dont!!!!!!

there's so much to study!!! =( =( =(. by d end of everyday i just get so saturated n brain dead!! even in my sleep i dream about stupid chemistry n biotech...!!at least i havent started seeing animals n skeletons in my dreams..! cos i havent started studying zoology.... sigh!

i've been counting d days for d 24th of Nov... but 27th of Oct is much much nearer that i expected! i have to get over with d 27th of Oct before 24th of Nov.....

10 more days to go! half of me wants 27th of Oct to be nearer so that i can go back home soon... but d other half doesnt want 27th of Oct to come at all cos i dont know wat crap i'll write in my exams!!!

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