Tuesday, October 9, 2007

exams in less than 3 weeks already...

it's 12am here in india.... i'm supposed to be studying... but here i am blogging! d exact opposite of studying...! *sigh*

i just cant seem to be able to concentrate on my studies... thinking too much about d past, present n future... past is happy memory, present is depressing, n future is all imaginations n hope... which is obviously happy too... so... i'm kindda lingering in d past n future, instead of concentration in my present life n try n study

Last week was so much of fun! my friend's from Malaysia in d the Vision Net team had come to Bangalore for a few days.. n i was with them all d days. since it was all men this time, i didnt stay over with them... i leave my house early in d morning n go over to their place.. n get back home late at nite about after 12 almost everday.. i even bunked college.. :P

we went shopping, window shopping, cuci mata-ing ( only they did that... i couldnt even look at anyone with 5 men walking around me like my bodyguards!!!hahaha ), eating out.... i think i laughed a lot in those 4 days more than i did in many days...

i kept thinking about those few days.. but now am day dreaming about nov/dec ( me sem break ...when i'll be going back HOME!! :D ). day dreaming is nothing new for me... heheh.. i mean.. i'm a full time day dreamer n part time student.. so, day dreaming comes naturally to me... i've already started planning my holidays at home.. as in wat i'll be doing when i get back home, where i'll be going, who i'll be meeting up with, shopping, eating... n d list goes on n on...

i always do this a few weeks/days before d exam.. cos d break starts rite after the exams... some times i even think about home n holidays while doing my paper!! heights of day dreaming i tell u!!

i've got major plans for this holidays... =) i just cant wait to get back home!!!!!!!!

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