Tuesday, October 16, 2007


my final exams is starting in exactly 10 days time... n i still have d time n guts to feel bored!!

my friend n i started studying on saturday... n today's only monday.. i'm already gettign bugged of staying at home, making time table, trying to follow it n study.... :( but i have to go on doing this same routine for more than a month! my exams r from d 27th of oct till d 22nd of nov.

its so not fair! d B.Com n BA students get to go back home for their semester break on d 7th of nov while we d B.Sc students have to wait till 22nd of Nov cos of our stupid pracs!!! its always us d science students who have to sacrifice everything! be it movies, fun, fest, or even holidays! y?? because we r science students n we have to sacrifice everything n devote our lives to our Labs!! my foot!! i cant wait to get over with this BSc n go back home for good!

n in d mean time ( which is another 6 months before i can sya good bye to BSc... ) i have to go n study chemistry now!! :( :( :( I HATE CHEMISTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well.. if i am still in my sane mind tomorrow after trying to figure out y chemistry is important n necessary for me n trying to mug up a bunch of equations n structures n utter rubbish of chemistry tonite ( successfully or not.. i wouldnt know until my exams r over...! ).. i'll update tomorrow .. or not.. u wont hear from me for a few more days...! ( i;m sure u now y.. )

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