Friday, May 2, 2014

Too much social media sites to keep up with

At first it was Friendster, and then I vaguely remember Orkut, but fortunately it didn’t live too long. And then came Facebook, which eventually killed Friendster. 

So, everyone was happy with Facebook when it first began. it kindda seemed to do a lot of things which accommodated it’s millions of clients. But we are never satisfied with what we have are we? Both us as users and them, the money makers. 

Once we had Facebook, somebody thought it would be a great idea to have Instagram, to upload photos. We can already do that on Facebook! so why do you need Instagram??! 

Well, Instagram isn’t a problem at all. In fact it brought about the birth of many professional Instagramers who uploaded professional pictures of scenery and advertising which was quite interesting and educational. There were also those who were uploading #ootd, #randoms, #dirtymirrordontcare #etc #rubbishthatnoonewantstosee (guilty as charged *shifty eyes). 

what is it with these hashtags things?? i’m so bad at them, that i’m seriously considering  using #lousyathashtags. is that acceptable?? It definitely suits me. 

I recently discovered a few other sites/apps/pages to upload (so called) professional pictures, like national geography, pixoto, twenty20, 500pix, flickr, red bubble, twitter, flickr etc… just to name a few. I tried my hand at a few of it, but I’m in the verge of giving up. 

I’ve come to a stage where i don’t see what’s the point of uploading pictures everywhere. Every tom, dick, donkey and monkey has a dSLR. Everyone thinks he takes good pictures. Everyone wants to be appreciated and recognised for it. Everyone wants to make money or win a competition with his pictures. But as obvious as it is, surely not everyone has been successful at it, or will ever be.  

I’m just tired of all this. I’m tired of uploading pictures in new apps, and remembering which picture was uploading onto which site, and what i captioned it (I can’t even caption pictures anymore, other than to name it as flower, moon, sky, flower, flower), and what competition is running, it’s rules, dead line etc. I only spent 30 minutes in twenty20 app, and 1 hour in National Geography registering an account, and uploading some pics and trying to understand how it works, and I’m already tired. and yet i registered with Flickr. 

I just don’t get the point anymore. If you have an idea, pls enlighten me.