Wednesday, May 28, 2008

y r some ppl such doh-dohs !!!!!!

"i am flying from Chennai to KL, but i want my things sent from Bangalore to Penang."

wasnt that sentence clear/simple/understandable enough?? even a 3 year old kid will be able to understand wat i meant!! but some 30 year old buffalo/man cannot understand that! i already speak like an indian with the typical indian slang wat!! wat more do u want me to do?!!!!

i had to repeat that sentence like a hundred times in a hundred different possible ways over d phone for that fellow to understand and give me an answer!! dont ask me how i did it... cos i really dont remember now i just blurted it out!

i've spent like more than a month trying to get my things shipped/cargo-ed from india to malaysia. after 1 week, i finally got it settled... i happily left bangalore thinking that my stuff will be sent within a few days... but i receive a call saying that there's some problem with d documents i prepared. ok fine! i'll get back to bangalore n do it... but then when i get back here.. i'm told a totally different story! there's some more documents that i have to prepare, some more ppl whom i have to go n see, n some more money that i have to spend to get my work done! n yet, my things might not even reach within d time i was told it will

so, i had to call up someone else today n sort out all that mess. n this fool cant even speak in english!!! he wants to speak to me in Hindi to explain things to me! if that fool or his executive messes up anything tomorrow morning when he comes to take my things.. he's gonna get it big time!!!!

things here in india just dont work like its supposed to work! u have to strive for it, suffocate yourself, beg n plead n bribe them!! n even then it just doesnt happen!1 u still have to get on their back n threaten to stab them with a knife if they dont move n get some work done for the undeserving money they've literally robbed from you!!

in my three years in india, i have had to pay thousands of dollar for so many things (as bribe)!! i've had to rise my voice to get things done ( which has become part of my character now! :S )

yesterday i had to go to d bank to sort out some problem which i had with my bank account n my mother's bank account too. after all d polite explanation i gave, that lady very easily told me that nothing can be done in less than a week or more!! and i was like.....
"wat d...!!!! is this how u treat ur customers! when they wanna open an account, n wag ur tail n make things easy for them, but when they have a problem, u very easily shove it off n refuse to be of help. wats d point of boasting about saying u have a 24 hour customer care service when u dont care at all! if this is how u r gonna help me, then i wan to close my account n my mothers acc rite now! i want to withdraw all my savings, fixed deposits and shares that i have with ur bank rite now!!"

i got my card renewed and my problem solved within 10 mintues after that!

this is wat i dont like in india. when u r polite n decent, nothing happens. they just wait until u loose ur temper n start shouting at them n demanding things from them,n then miraculously ur work gets done!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

back in action!!

i'm finally back in bangalore, n i finally got hold of d internet once again....

i cannot begin to explain how much i missed d internet n how i managed surviving without d net for more than a week!!

when i got back home this morning at about 9am.... d 1st thing i did was switch on my comp n log in to d internet!! n i sat online for almost 3 hours nothing doing anything worthwhile!!

i had hundreds of mails in each mail box, so many applications in facebook, equally as much in friendster n much more important work to do.... but all i did was stare at d computer screen n try to figure out how to use firefox! i've forgotten where d add new tab thing was in firefox n i forgot where my msn n yahoo msger was!! :S

i still havent finished reading all my mails n replying them, still havent transfered pics from my phone, still havent finished d necessary important work.. but here i am, staring at my comp screen since d minute i entered my room after i came back from college

i got to clean up my room n start studying for my exams all over again now. *sigh*. it's so difficult to start studying again after more than a month's break!!!!!!!!!! :(

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

still no internet

i dont know how i'm surviving without internet or my phone functioning propery for such a long time!! :(

it's been exactlyy one whole week since i last logged in to d net... so many mails to check, so many mails to reply.... so many things to do..i havent logged on to my friendster account or my facebook account... its so not save to use d net from an internet cafe here in india...

last week, i went to one internet cafe... i checked my mails n blogged from there... this week, some fool from that internet cafe knew that i blog... and he found me on orkut as well!!!

i'm not interested in befriending desperados ok! so, get off my back!!

you cant even use d internet cafe these days!!! the d hell man!!

n i have no clue who msged me in my chat box using my name saying chumi come back home...wat la! takkan i wanna msg myself saying come back soon... i didnt even go online on d 18th of may... i was stuck in some god forsaken village where my phone didnt even work n i was stranded at home for 3 whole days!!!

a lot's been hapenning off late... but i'm missing d internet d most!!! :( :(

cant wait till i get back my internet connection

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

i've got no internet now

even if i didnt have anything worthy to do d past few weeks.. at least i had d net.. but now i dont even have that! :(

wont be able to check my mails or reply, or log on to facebook, friendster or even my blog.. for i dont know how long... till end of this month i think


Sunday, May 11, 2008

i've got nothing to do....

All i do here is eat, sleep,watch tv....

off late, my aunt is making me do cooking n help her in d kitchen. i hate d kitchen department!!! :(

everyday i have to cut onions n vegetables, everyday i chip my finger nails. i wonder if anyone found my chipped finger nails in their food! :P

now i understand wat my cousin sis told me many many years ago ( about 5 years ago )... she said that its very difficult to cut vegetables with long finger nails... when she said that, i used to wonder y is it that its difficult. all u have to do is hold d vege properly n then cut carefully... but now i understand.... *sigh*.. my finger nails r so out of shape n colour n unhealthy!

n my little cousins r aiming to cut my finger nails short while i'm asleep at nite.... but they've been unsuccessful till now....cos they sleep way before me n way up after me.. err... no, honestly... most of d time they wake up before me.. but then they forget their plan over nite! thank God for that! hahaha

this morning my mum's brother came to my aunts house... n he started teasing me.. he took out his N95 n started taking pics... he actually wanted to show off his N95 only one la!! *hhmppphh* I WANT A NEW PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm gonna start my handphone hunt from today onwards!!!! n i have to start pestering my mum... which i gonna be difficult :(

as much as i try to like it, i just cant... me n d kitchen dont get along very well... d only part i like about cooking is d eating... yasmin just asked me if i like BBQ.. like.. duh! of course i like la!! wat she meant was BBQ as in doing at home... i still like la! but only d eating part!!!! ROFL!! i'm become such a food junkie eversince i came to india 3 years ago....

n i went shopping a few days... bought a few chudithars n a saree... actually, i had my eyes on 2 sarees from 2 different shops last week... but i didnt buy it immediately cos i had double thoughts n i know my mum will screw me big time if i bought expensive sarees for no reason ( i hardly tie sarees )... but it was so nice... i couldnt get my mind off it.. so i bought one saree a few days ago... n am gonna buy d other one when i go out shopping later with my uncle n aunt... hehehhehhe

i got to get going now... my cousins want to play board games... besides eating, sleeping, watching tv n shopping, playing board games is another chore in my list

now yasmin's showing off with her phone! i desperately need another phone!!!! n another digi cam!! my poor mum... i'm gonna make her bankrupt when i go back home this time.. .like i always do... :P

Thursday, May 8, 2008


SUPER DUPER CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i want "A", but i wont get it at d time my mum wants

my mum wants "B" for me, but i'm not all for it.. only 50/50

n time is running out!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

wow! that was fast!!!

i didnt realize till a few minute ago.. that its been one whole week since i came to chennai. that means one whole week of looking like a sakai, one whole week without proper excess to d internet, one whole week of uncomfortable so called computer table n chair, one whole week of no exercise n one whole week of not being able to talk to my mum properly.

d weather here just beats d crap out of me... it effects me like how d full moon effects wolfs! :S.. eerr ... wolves.. not wolfs.... i just go mad with this weather here!! pls tell me how to survive 43 degrees??!!! i dont bother creaming myself as much as i used to while i was in bangalore, or while i was in back at home in malaysia... no no.. correction: i dont bother creaming myself at all!!!! when i have my bath, i stand under d shower for ages until my cousins go banging on d door n literally force me to get out so that they can have their bath

i dont bother dressing up, dont bother wearing my contact lens ( expect once in a blue moon ), i'm forced to tie my hair up, n forced to wear pottu....

when u look at me at any time of d day.. be it morning, afternoon, evening or nite... i look like i just woke up from sleep..... i dont even like to look at myself in d mirror nowadays.. that explains my caption in facebook..

i cant even log on to d net when i want to.... my aunt has subscribed to another internet connection which is much slower than d one i had in bangalore.. n its limited hours i think.. n its so uncomfortable to sit on d floor with d comp. i have to use a foot stool as my table n sit on d floor .. like how i'm doing rite now... my back is killing me slowly :(

for d past few days... i've been shifting my comp n my so called table all over d place to find a suitable n comfortable place... but havent found one till now.. *sigh*

oh.. n i realized that my 10 year old cousin has an eye for photography n my aunt is a poser!!!! hahahhhaha

these r d few pics which my cousins took....

my poser aunt! hahaha... i never knew she'd be so spontaneous even while cooking! LOL

sakai look alike... but NOT a sakai wannabe

one of d rare occations where i dont look like a sakai.
PS: this is d cousin whom i won over during a chess game.. I still havent played more than once!

the other cousin is d photographer of all d pics except this n d previous one

another sakai look alike pic...i cant even recognize myself with tied up hair n flowers...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

i did it!!

i finally managed to connect my comp to my aunts modem n networking! finally!!

i felt so helpless all these days cos i couldnt use my comp.. all my websites and everythign else id saved in my bokmarks in this comp.. n i'm so used to using a laptop.. so when i have to use a desktop, i fell so lost. it took me ages to type one sentence using a desktop keyboard.. but i can do it within a few seconds while using my comp, even in d dark! ( err.. , i know there r loads of sleeping mistakes.. but i cant help it rite now.. i cant switch on d lights in d room cos my little cousins r sleeping.. )

i got to log off now.. cos i'm already having a splitting headache n i' have to wke uo early tomorrow morning.. n i forgot to switc on d stupid aircon before i sat with my laptop on my lap! n my comp is dying... it only has 10 minutes to live... i cant find d cables in this dark! laptops should have lights for d keypads too.. just like in mobile phones! it'll make life much much easier.

y arent computer makers as smart as me??!

gud nite

Friday, May 2, 2008

i'm melting away...

i wouldnt be surprised if i slowly decrease to half d size of wat i already am by the time i reach home for good! d weather here is simply unbearable!!!!

i cant keep d air con on 24/7 cos my cousins r not used to being in air conditioned room for long n they fall sick... n i cant live without air con :( yesterday evening, i got ready to go out n within 5 minutes i could feel sweat dripping down my neck... i was sitting under d fan all along!! d weather's that bad here

today's been as hectic n tired as ever... we planned to go out at 2pm... but only left d house at about 5pm.. cos my aunty was busy. so, our shopping plans got cancelled.. all we did was walking about so much, got ourselves tired and did a little bit of window shopping...

i havent been up to anything much these few days... my mum wants me to learn cooking from my aunt, my aunt wants me to help her with her accounts n office work. so i gladly agreed to help my aunt n conveniently omitted to tell her wat my mum wanted me to do! heheh but today, i was forced to go to d kitchen n help out with d cooking cos my aunt had gone out, n her mother in law is sick n shouldnt be doing any work... so my 12 year old cousin n i kindda did d cooking. n my aunt came just in time to save everyone!! LOL!!!!

i've been learning to play chess since yesterday... d 1st time i played.. i won my guru! hahahha... am i great or wat?!! my gurus are my 12 year old n 9 year old cousins n i won cos all of us got confused!! haahhaha.... but i find kindda interesting nowadays.. so, last nite i made up that i should play chess at least once a day... but today i forgot all about it :P *chumi makes a mental note to play chess tomorrow*

n i've ended up with rashes n pimples n marks n scars all over me off late :(    i cant even look at my face in d mirror as often as i used to! :S i've got so many scars on my legs n arms cos of stupid mosquitos n d weather's not being of any help *sigh*

i took a few photos with my chess gurus yesterday.. but am using my aunts comp now.. so, havent uploaded d pics yet.. will do it tomorrow .. hopefully i can connect d internet to my comp tomorrow

oh!! n i've set my eyes on another comp now! i dont even want my mum's comp now...! after all d trouble i went through to get another set of comp for my mum so that i can exchange mine with hers soon... but now i have to persuade her to get another comp :P