Sunday, May 11, 2008

i've got nothing to do....

All i do here is eat, sleep,watch tv....

off late, my aunt is making me do cooking n help her in d kitchen. i hate d kitchen department!!! :(

everyday i have to cut onions n vegetables, everyday i chip my finger nails. i wonder if anyone found my chipped finger nails in their food! :P

now i understand wat my cousin sis told me many many years ago ( about 5 years ago )... she said that its very difficult to cut vegetables with long finger nails... when she said that, i used to wonder y is it that its difficult. all u have to do is hold d vege properly n then cut carefully... but now i understand.... *sigh*.. my finger nails r so out of shape n colour n unhealthy!

n my little cousins r aiming to cut my finger nails short while i'm asleep at nite.... but they've been unsuccessful till now....cos they sleep way before me n way up after me.. err... no, honestly... most of d time they wake up before me.. but then they forget their plan over nite! thank God for that! hahaha

this morning my mum's brother came to my aunts house... n he started teasing me.. he took out his N95 n started taking pics... he actually wanted to show off his N95 only one la!! *hhmppphh* I WANT A NEW PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm gonna start my handphone hunt from today onwards!!!! n i have to start pestering my mum... which i gonna be difficult :(

as much as i try to like it, i just cant... me n d kitchen dont get along very well... d only part i like about cooking is d eating... yasmin just asked me if i like BBQ.. like.. duh! of course i like la!! wat she meant was BBQ as in doing at home... i still like la! but only d eating part!!!! ROFL!! i'm become such a food junkie eversince i came to india 3 years ago....

n i went shopping a few days... bought a few chudithars n a saree... actually, i had my eyes on 2 sarees from 2 different shops last week... but i didnt buy it immediately cos i had double thoughts n i know my mum will screw me big time if i bought expensive sarees for no reason ( i hardly tie sarees )... but it was so nice... i couldnt get my mind off it.. so i bought one saree a few days ago... n am gonna buy d other one when i go out shopping later with my uncle n aunt... hehehhehhe

i got to get going now... my cousins want to play board games... besides eating, sleeping, watching tv n shopping, playing board games is another chore in my list

now yasmin's showing off with her phone! i desperately need another phone!!!! n another digi cam!! my poor mum... i'm gonna make her bankrupt when i go back home this time.. .like i always do... :P


Vikram Christopher said...

What are you doing in India? and not going home to Penang?

Vikram's Mommy

chumi said...

i've got a few more pracs n viva to go... its end of this month.. so, got to hang around here till then..

will be going back to PG on d 1st!!! :D