Wednesday, May 28, 2008

y r some ppl such doh-dohs !!!!!!

"i am flying from Chennai to KL, but i want my things sent from Bangalore to Penang."

wasnt that sentence clear/simple/understandable enough?? even a 3 year old kid will be able to understand wat i meant!! but some 30 year old buffalo/man cannot understand that! i already speak like an indian with the typical indian slang wat!! wat more do u want me to do?!!!!

i had to repeat that sentence like a hundred times in a hundred different possible ways over d phone for that fellow to understand and give me an answer!! dont ask me how i did it... cos i really dont remember now i just blurted it out!

i've spent like more than a month trying to get my things shipped/cargo-ed from india to malaysia. after 1 week, i finally got it settled... i happily left bangalore thinking that my stuff will be sent within a few days... but i receive a call saying that there's some problem with d documents i prepared. ok fine! i'll get back to bangalore n do it... but then when i get back here.. i'm told a totally different story! there's some more documents that i have to prepare, some more ppl whom i have to go n see, n some more money that i have to spend to get my work done! n yet, my things might not even reach within d time i was told it will

so, i had to call up someone else today n sort out all that mess. n this fool cant even speak in english!!! he wants to speak to me in Hindi to explain things to me! if that fool or his executive messes up anything tomorrow morning when he comes to take my things.. he's gonna get it big time!!!!

things here in india just dont work like its supposed to work! u have to strive for it, suffocate yourself, beg n plead n bribe them!! n even then it just doesnt happen!1 u still have to get on their back n threaten to stab them with a knife if they dont move n get some work done for the undeserving money they've literally robbed from you!!

in my three years in india, i have had to pay thousands of dollar for so many things (as bribe)!! i've had to rise my voice to get things done ( which has become part of my character now! :S )

yesterday i had to go to d bank to sort out some problem which i had with my bank account n my mother's bank account too. after all d polite explanation i gave, that lady very easily told me that nothing can be done in less than a week or more!! and i was like.....
"wat d...!!!! is this how u treat ur customers! when they wanna open an account, n wag ur tail n make things easy for them, but when they have a problem, u very easily shove it off n refuse to be of help. wats d point of boasting about saying u have a 24 hour customer care service when u dont care at all! if this is how u r gonna help me, then i wan to close my account n my mothers acc rite now! i want to withdraw all my savings, fixed deposits and shares that i have with ur bank rite now!!"

i got my card renewed and my problem solved within 10 mintues after that!

this is wat i dont like in india. when u r polite n decent, nothing happens. they just wait until u loose ur temper n start shouting at them n demanding things from them,n then miraculously ur work gets done!

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