Wednesday, May 21, 2008

still no internet

i dont know how i'm surviving without internet or my phone functioning propery for such a long time!! :(

it's been exactlyy one whole week since i last logged in to d net... so many mails to check, so many mails to reply.... so many things to do..i havent logged on to my friendster account or my facebook account... its so not save to use d net from an internet cafe here in india...

last week, i went to one internet cafe... i checked my mails n blogged from there... this week, some fool from that internet cafe knew that i blog... and he found me on orkut as well!!!

i'm not interested in befriending desperados ok! so, get off my back!!

you cant even use d internet cafe these days!!! the d hell man!!

n i have no clue who msged me in my chat box using my name saying chumi come back home...wat la! takkan i wanna msg myself saying come back soon... i didnt even go online on d 18th of may... i was stuck in some god forsaken village where my phone didnt even work n i was stranded at home for 3 whole days!!!

a lot's been hapenning off late... but i'm missing d internet d most!!! :( :(

cant wait till i get back my internet connection

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