Sunday, May 4, 2008

i did it!!

i finally managed to connect my comp to my aunts modem n networking! finally!!

i felt so helpless all these days cos i couldnt use my comp.. all my websites and everythign else id saved in my bokmarks in this comp.. n i'm so used to using a laptop.. so when i have to use a desktop, i fell so lost. it took me ages to type one sentence using a desktop keyboard.. but i can do it within a few seconds while using my comp, even in d dark! ( err.. , i know there r loads of sleeping mistakes.. but i cant help it rite now.. i cant switch on d lights in d room cos my little cousins r sleeping.. )

i got to log off now.. cos i'm already having a splitting headache n i' have to wke uo early tomorrow morning.. n i forgot to switc on d stupid aircon before i sat with my laptop on my lap! n my comp is dying... it only has 10 minutes to live... i cant find d cables in this dark! laptops should have lights for d keypads too.. just like in mobile phones! it'll make life much much easier.

y arent computer makers as smart as me??!

gud nite

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