Friday, May 2, 2008

i'm melting away...

i wouldnt be surprised if i slowly decrease to half d size of wat i already am by the time i reach home for good! d weather here is simply unbearable!!!!

i cant keep d air con on 24/7 cos my cousins r not used to being in air conditioned room for long n they fall sick... n i cant live without air con :( yesterday evening, i got ready to go out n within 5 minutes i could feel sweat dripping down my neck... i was sitting under d fan all along!! d weather's that bad here

today's been as hectic n tired as ever... we planned to go out at 2pm... but only left d house at about 5pm.. cos my aunty was busy. so, our shopping plans got cancelled.. all we did was walking about so much, got ourselves tired and did a little bit of window shopping...

i havent been up to anything much these few days... my mum wants me to learn cooking from my aunt, my aunt wants me to help her with her accounts n office work. so i gladly agreed to help my aunt n conveniently omitted to tell her wat my mum wanted me to do! heheh but today, i was forced to go to d kitchen n help out with d cooking cos my aunt had gone out, n her mother in law is sick n shouldnt be doing any work... so my 12 year old cousin n i kindda did d cooking. n my aunt came just in time to save everyone!! LOL!!!!

i've been learning to play chess since yesterday... d 1st time i played.. i won my guru! hahahha... am i great or wat?!! my gurus are my 12 year old n 9 year old cousins n i won cos all of us got confused!! haahhaha.... but i find kindda interesting nowadays.. so, last nite i made up that i should play chess at least once a day... but today i forgot all about it :P *chumi makes a mental note to play chess tomorrow*

n i've ended up with rashes n pimples n marks n scars all over me off late :(    i cant even look at my face in d mirror as often as i used to! :S i've got so many scars on my legs n arms cos of stupid mosquitos n d weather's not being of any help *sigh*

i took a few photos with my chess gurus yesterday.. but am using my aunts comp now.. so, havent uploaded d pics yet.. will do it tomorrow .. hopefully i can connect d internet to my comp tomorrow

oh!! n i've set my eyes on another comp now! i dont even want my mum's comp now...! after all d trouble i went through to get another set of comp for my mum so that i can exchange mine with hers soon... but now i have to persuade her to get another comp :P 

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