Wednesday, May 7, 2008

wow! that was fast!!!

i didnt realize till a few minute ago.. that its been one whole week since i came to chennai. that means one whole week of looking like a sakai, one whole week without proper excess to d internet, one whole week of uncomfortable so called computer table n chair, one whole week of no exercise n one whole week of not being able to talk to my mum properly.

d weather here just beats d crap out of me... it effects me like how d full moon effects wolfs! :S.. eerr ... wolves.. not wolfs.... i just go mad with this weather here!! pls tell me how to survive 43 degrees??!!! i dont bother creaming myself as much as i used to while i was in bangalore, or while i was in back at home in malaysia... no no.. correction: i dont bother creaming myself at all!!!! when i have my bath, i stand under d shower for ages until my cousins go banging on d door n literally force me to get out so that they can have their bath

i dont bother dressing up, dont bother wearing my contact lens ( expect once in a blue moon ), i'm forced to tie my hair up, n forced to wear pottu....

when u look at me at any time of d day.. be it morning, afternoon, evening or nite... i look like i just woke up from sleep..... i dont even like to look at myself in d mirror nowadays.. that explains my caption in facebook..

i cant even log on to d net when i want to.... my aunt has subscribed to another internet connection which is much slower than d one i had in bangalore.. n its limited hours i think.. n its so uncomfortable to sit on d floor with d comp. i have to use a foot stool as my table n sit on d floor .. like how i'm doing rite now... my back is killing me slowly :(

for d past few days... i've been shifting my comp n my so called table all over d place to find a suitable n comfortable place... but havent found one till now.. *sigh*

oh.. n i realized that my 10 year old cousin has an eye for photography n my aunt is a poser!!!! hahahhhaha

these r d few pics which my cousins took....

my poser aunt! hahaha... i never knew she'd be so spontaneous even while cooking! LOL

sakai look alike... but NOT a sakai wannabe

one of d rare occations where i dont look like a sakai.
PS: this is d cousin whom i won over during a chess game.. I still havent played more than once!

the other cousin is d photographer of all d pics except this n d previous one

another sakai look alike pic...i cant even recognize myself with tied up hair n flowers...

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