Sunday, August 16, 2009

Facts of life

3 people in the flat + 3 laptops = peace

3 people + 2 laptops = war!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


it cannot get any better than this!

seriously... its so perfect i dont think anything else that happens for the rest of the day could be any better... and it's only 11.20am now! even my knight in his shining BMW cannot beat this (if his bloody GPS decides to work!)

u'r dying to know wats so perfect that i would neglect a BMW handsome english guy?

seriously...i mean seriously... this one takes d cake, the icing, the filling..... EVERYTHING

got a call at an ungodly hour of 9.40am from my flat agent who told me i had to get out of my current flat ASAP! it's only been 6 weeks since i moved in to this place! wat about the bloody contract and all the money that i paid as deposit and all the trouble i had trying to call those idiots to give me my new sofa?!! (i still didnt get the sofa!)

wait thats not all... he said he has another flat ready for me... its just a few block away. its freaking flat 78 where a friend of mine is in! i'm gonna have to be her neighbour!!! and i have no other choice for a flat. if i dont take that flat, they'll just kick me out from this n thats it, i'll have to be sitting on the streets with all my things through the rain and sun!

and the worst part of all is... THIS IS GONNA BE MY 4TH MOVE IN 10 MONTHS!!!!!!!! and the current flat being the least stayed in - 6 weeks!!!!!!!!! only 6 weeks n i have to move again.. i was just getting used to this place, and the neighbour and the flat..n now i have to start all over again

oh no... i cannot imagine packing n moving again! the new flat is on the 3rd floor!!!!!!!!!!! i have to pack everything, carrying it all down 3 floors, drag it to block 78 and carry it UP to the 3rd floor and unpack again!...

oh oh n there's worst part pt2... that idiot of an agent wanted me to move tomorrow!!!!!!! when i told him there's absolutely nothing i can do till the 14th cos i've got to finish my dissertation and submit it, he said then.. i'll give u time till this weekend!!!!!!!!

sticks and stone wont break my bones
but moving one more time will kill me!!!!!!


sigh... d only consolation i can think of is that there must be some reason for all this... there has to be some good out of having to move so many times

Monday, August 10, 2009

why my mother is so different from any other mother

time: 11.40pm
location: living room of my flat
Scenario: me walking out from the next room after washing my face and collecting rubbish journal papers from the bed, mum walking as fast as a turtle in the living room

Me: *juggling loads of papers in my hands trying not to drop it on the floor* wat u doing?
Mum: * i repeat... walking as fast as a turtle* *with the 'attitude'* exercise pannuraen *and continues to walk*

at 11.41pm, all my notes together with me fell on the floor

Friday, August 7, 2009

Will the real River Festival pls stand up!

so i read d brochures wrongly n went on the wrong day... at least i decided to go again the next day... it was worth it!! me had fun! :D

we had amazing weather on the real day. dunno why there were so many fire engines... precaution i suppose

the tall ship! not all that tall.. but a very famous landmark in the West End of Glasgow. if u wanna come to my place, u just have to find ur way to this ship n u'll be 10 minutes away from my place! how cool is that, i've got my own personal landmark now.. ahahahha

the face painting artists did a very good job! i would have done if only we werent too late. i wanted to take pics of other who had already done it... but didnt wanna be rude taking pics without their permission and wasnt bothered to ask their permission before clicking away

the sign on the door said "no entry, private function" ahahahhaha... since when were poop cabins considered as function locations?! LOL

thats a real map, thats seriously ancient. it was HUGE and it was laminated.. otherwise it wouldnt have survived all these years, especially if thousands of ppl pick it up like that every year.

the new additions to the pirates... who didnt know how to be pirates! aahahha.. actually.. too good to be pirates. LOL

that's my mum fighting it out with a little girl to take over the ship. she won hands down... nah... she let the girl win

i somehow like this pic... not only because of the amazingly blue sky, but because its very erm.. different

cute little darlings trying their hand at being ship crews... i love the little girl in the striped skirt... she's got such gorgeous curls!

the ship bell

the foghorn! it sounded so real!! like in Titanic (erm.. i dont actually remember if Titanic had d foghorn... :S.. oh u know wat i mean). 1st my mum tried it and it worked perfectly fine. we were so excited that i was jumping about clapping my hands! then my friend tried it... but it didnt work, so my mum n my friend were fiddling with it n trying to figure out wat went wrong n they broke it! the handle thing fell off!! ahahah

the crew's bunk beds in the lower level of the ship. there were 2 more lower levels below this.. but those were just boring engine rooms and storage rooms that was dark and dusty.

the pirate ship. we missed the pirate attack show cos we were late. must have been really cool

check out that lady's cap! i thought they were selling it there.. but she was d only one who had it

the peacock man!! this is my fav pic of the whole event!

he really looks like a peacock man see! he had all those helium gas balloons attached to his belt strap to prevent it from flyinf off. i wonder how he managed to stay on the ground with all those attached to him!

this was one hell of a ride.. but i didnt manage to get a good pic of it throwing everyone all over the place, cos i was too interested looking at the trampoline bungee jumping next to this. actually, i was trying to cook up a story that i was a kid so that i could go on it. if i cant do the real bunjee jumping, i wanted to at least do this... no, he didnt believe me :(

HUGE jenga!!!! i so wanted to go n play with the boys... i've never seen any jenga this big!! but mum said it was only for kids n i shouldnt spoil their fun =(

the jumping castle with a gaint balloon man skiing.... i've never played in a jumping castle before... but it was only for children again

i dont even remember d last time i went on a merry go round..not fair la.. everything was only for children

bumper cars... it was closed when we reached. but at least i've been on bumper cars before... i think it was last.. or maybe the year before. n i dunno y this pic refuse to stand straight

the navy ship had super hot, drop dead gorgeous men on it!!!!!the 1st day, i saw one guy standing outside n i was like "he's so hot!!" i still didnt overcome from the fact that such hot men exists when another guy walked out n i was like "OMG!" thank God i had my sunglasses on, otherwise they would have noticed me drooling at them! i think they did cos they were looking at me longer than they should normal do. 2 was enough to knock me off my senses so i didnt linger any longer. n i obviously didnt have the guts to take a pic of them!

this is some sort of a control tower. it reminds me of a building in Dubai. the control tower at the top of it is in a shape of a helicopter... it was so cute. i have a proepr pic of it, but i cant find it now

some more cute rides for the kids... look at that cute cars and bikes

oh oh! thats d most innovative thing i've seen in Glasgow so far. thats the Imax theater. and it plays 3D movies!! i've never seen a 3D movie before! i'm dying to go there once i'm done with my dissertation

kids playing near the Imax. it was a very hot day indeed. i kept running to shadier places while the locals were running towards the sun

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I long for the days when

I didn't have a worry in the world

I didn't know what deadlines meant

I knew that 11pm till after 8am was sleeping time, and 9am till 11pm was studying/eating/etc etc time and not vice-versa

I could fit into my fav clothes a couple of months/years back

I wasn't a food piggie

I had meaningful things to write (so it was only once in a blue moon... at least it existed rite!?)

I don't need to moisturize or use make up

I was at my best, with gorgeous hair, skin, and at my best size

my laptop was super fast and obedient

I used to start doing my work (especially a 6000 words dissertation with loads of original diagrams and tables and figure legends and references and annotations!!) 8 weeks before it was due and not 8 days before its due!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

mum is complaing that i dont give her space in the house

her previous study room.... (its mine actually!! and unfortunately i dont have a pic of it! just imagine that the room looks something like this okay) :

(actually, it looks nothing like this except for the floor tiles! how stupid can i be.. i have pics of my picture corner in the house, but i dont have pics of my study room where i spend most of my time in! shheesh... next time when i go back home i have to take a pic of my room)

n her current study room/wardrobe/dressing table:

that's wat she claims! but its SOOOOO NOT true! d pic is very blurry cos i couldnt stop laughing while listening to my mum's exclamations and taking the pic... hehehhe