Tuesday, August 11, 2009


it cannot get any better than this!

seriously... its so perfect i dont think anything else that happens for the rest of the day could be any better... and it's only 11.20am now! even my knight in his shining BMW cannot beat this (if his bloody GPS decides to work!)

u'r dying to know wats so perfect that i would neglect a BMW handsome english guy?

seriously...i mean seriously... this one takes d cake, the icing, the filling..... EVERYTHING

got a call at an ungodly hour of 9.40am from my flat agent who told me i had to get out of my current flat ASAP! it's only been 6 weeks since i moved in to this place! wat about the bloody contract and all the money that i paid as deposit and all the trouble i had trying to call those idiots to give me my new sofa?!! (i still didnt get the sofa!)

wait thats not all... he said he has another flat ready for me... its just a few block away. its freaking flat 78 where a friend of mine is in! i'm gonna have to be her neighbour!!! and i have no other choice for a flat. if i dont take that flat, they'll just kick me out from this n thats it, i'll have to be sitting on the streets with all my things through the rain and sun!

and the worst part of all is... THIS IS GONNA BE MY 4TH MOVE IN 10 MONTHS!!!!!!!! and the current flat being the least stayed in - 6 weeks!!!!!!!!! only 6 weeks n i have to move again.. i was just getting used to this place, and the neighbour and the flat..n now i have to start all over again

oh no... i cannot imagine packing n moving again! the new flat is on the 3rd floor!!!!!!!!!!! i have to pack everything, carrying it all down 3 floors, drag it to block 78 and carry it UP to the 3rd floor and unpack again!...

oh oh n there's worst part pt2... that idiot of an agent wanted me to move tomorrow!!!!!!! when i told him there's absolutely nothing i can do till the 14th cos i've got to finish my dissertation and submit it, he said then.. i'll give u time till this weekend!!!!!!!!

sticks and stone wont break my bones
but moving one more time will kill me!!!!!!


sigh... d only consolation i can think of is that there must be some reason for all this... there has to be some good out of having to move so many times


Rathi Sajit said...

I know its such a pain moving about ! Seems like a nightmare ! you seem to have the worst luck with moves !
Anyways hope the next one is better !

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

it was my worst nightmare ever this time!! sigh.... details will follow soon... when i've found time to sleep n then blog!