Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I long for the days when

I didn't have a worry in the world

I didn't know what deadlines meant

I knew that 11pm till after 8am was sleeping time, and 9am till 11pm was studying/eating/etc etc time and not vice-versa

I could fit into my fav clothes a couple of months/years back

I wasn't a food piggie

I had meaningful things to write (so it was only once in a blue moon... at least it existed rite!?)

I don't need to moisturize or use make up

I was at my best, with gorgeous hair, skin, and at my best size

my laptop was super fast and obedient

I used to start doing my work (especially a 6000 words dissertation with loads of original diagrams and tables and figure legends and references and annotations!!) 8 weeks before it was due and not 8 days before its due!!!


Chriz said...

sleep eluding you these days?

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

nope.. i'm eluding sleep... involuntarily

rathisajit said...

Loved your wishlist ! Was fun reading it ! have fun !
Cheers !

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

aahahha... this isnt my wishlist.. just my rantz. if u continue readin, or read some of my old posts.. u'll know that this is pretty regular these wish lists are usually more entertaining! LOL