Wednesday, April 2, 2008

thinking Baby names

yup... thats wat i'm doing instead of studying...i have inorganic chem pracs tomorrow.. not all that difficult, n i did quite well in today's biotech pracs.. so am in a good mood and also because of something...

anyway, back to my baby names story. i happened to see Abi online a few minutes back, n so i started d baby talk again!( ahaha... who will ever bored talking about babies!).we were thinking of names for her cute little (soon to be born) baby girl, until i ended up searching for a names online in some baby names website. boy, did we have fun thinking of names for the little sleeping beauty! n guess wat!! she knew we were laughing n making fun of some names to be n she woke up n made a royal move of 180 degrees!! hahahaha... that was so cute!!

it was like, either she found it disturbing that we were talking n laughing n ruining her beauty sleep ( not that she heard me, but she would have heard her mummy laugh!), or she was being a good girl n staying quiet but decided to remind us that she knows wat we're talking about! kekekke

so, one thing led to another n we ended up talking about keeping a journal for d baby...or rather i was pestering Abi to start a journal for her baby!it's been 5 months already n she hasnt taken a proper pic yet!!

so, i told her that it was high time she started a journal for d sake of her baby, take loads of pics ( cos its once in a lifetime thing )[ hey Vid, Abi needs us both back there to be her photographer n journalist! ;p that lazy bum... i hope her daughter turns out more active like us-taking pics non stop n writing... haahhhaa ], write down small things that happens each day ( like wat happened today ). i went to d extend of planning d timings for her to write ... n then suddenly she went offline n never came back!! =( =( =(
i bugged her to d extend that she ran away without saying goodbye!! *sobs*

nevermind, there's always tomorrow.. tomorrow i shall bug her even more! where there's a will there's always a way!! hahahhhHHAAHAHHAHH


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA chumi,chumi,
i think i'll ask my soon to be born daughter to read her aunt chumi's blog instead!HAHAHA


Chumi Lakshmi said...

hahaha...lazy bum... u wailt.. i'll tell ur daughter how lazy her mummy is!! LOL