Sunday, April 6, 2008

Innovations of colour pencils

Off late i've found interest in some extraordinary set of colour pencils

These colour pencils are very unique... they've got cap for each n everyone of them.

N guess wat... its not just any ordinary cover.. it has sharpener on it!!!! yup.... each n everyone of d colour pencils have a cover with sharpener in it

By the way, i havent told you y these colour pencils are so unique n extraordinary. these r not used for colouring on papers... they're eye liner pencils!! i've just added a few more eye liner pencils to my already large collection... out of which i hardly use one or two
(btw, d violet one 5th from d right is actually a lip liner.. but i use it as eye liner.. its very convenient u know... u should try it sometime!)

One of my classmates used a green coloured eye liner d other day... n since then i've been searching for one of those... but i got side tracked n ended up buying brown, dark violet and bright green coloured eye liners last week even without thinking if i'll use it.

When i started hunting for d green coloured eye liner ... i wasnt sure at all if it'll suit me
I thought i might look like d green eye monster! but i wanted to give it a try anyways.

So, i began my hunt with more doubts than desire. n my friend couldnt say anything to pacify me cos she herself wasnt sure.

So, anyways, i couldnt find d colours that i wanted... so i ended up buying dark brown coloured one first ( i can use brown once in a while instead of black eye liner everyday)

n then last week i bought a dark violet n bright green. i had absolutely no clue when n for wat i'll be using those colours... i just had d obsession to get those colours n i got it.

n 2 days ago, while i was out buying Jodhaa Akbar dvd, i found d green coloured n blue coloured eye liner which i wanted!!!! it was double d price but i couldnt be bothered! i bought it immediately!!!

When i came back home... i sat on my bed admiring my collection of eye liners n especially d new once which i got! hahahha.... ( i'm officially obsessed about eye liners n bangles cos of d colours )

i used d green coloured one this morning
i put it on very lightly cos i was worried it wouldnt suit me... but it turned out quiet ok...!! not bad!! hahahha

so, no green eyed monster!! haahhha

so, looks like these colours do suit np.... next in my cosmetic shopping list are more eye liners of different colours! LOL

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