Saturday, April 26, 2008

stories of an eventful day

u know, my final exams got over on tuesday, n ever since then i still havent slept properly!! :S day in day out there's so much to do.. always going out, or things to settle. everyday i sleep at about 2am or later n wake up before 7am( i'll tell u about it in another blog)

last nite slept at 2, n got up at 6.30am today... to go for WALKING!!! this morning was d 1st day of our official walking days.. n we were all late for it... :P had to force ourselves to walk u for d sake of exercise. *sigh*

went to a place called Ulsoor Lake for walking...not all that great a place... but its one of d places ppl around here go for walks early in d morning. most of them were walking out when we were walking in!

it had this Bali look alike scenery..but not exactly like that la.

i went with this three junglee characters. we were practically making a fool out of ourselves when we 1st entered. watever we see a guy or a lady doing in front of us, we did d same too.. n that was obvious enough to make everyone realize that we were imitating n laughing at them!

it took us a long time to get used to d walking fast thingy... n then we eventually did walk for about half an hour. n then we were trying to do some stretching (by looking at other ppl around us..heheh)

gulped down a whole large tender coconut all on my own ( when i didnt want it at all )

she got a small one just rite for her.. hahha

when we walked out.. we decided that tomorrow's a holiday for walking! i wonder how badly my untrained-unexercised-lazy body is gonna react tomorrow :S

on our way back home.. my friend's cap flew off her head cos she didnt wear it properly... so, we stopped immediately to go n get it. at d same time, there was an auto that stopped rite next to d cap, n there was another bike behind that auto... both d auto driver and d biker rider were trying to pick up d cap... from where we were.. it looked as if they were both trying to steal d cap n run away!

but wat actually happened was, d auto driver stopped to pick up d cap for us, but because he put sudden break, d bike crashed into him from the back, n d rider lost her balance n fell sideways... even when she was trying to get up, while holding her bike.. she was still trying to pick up d cap! hahhahha.. it was a sight! but it was so sweet of that girl

Late in d morning, i had to go to a government office n get my photocopied passport attested and approved or some nonsense like that. u wanna know wat lazy-idiotic-so called lawyers do in normal days.... they look at ppl's faces and judge them if they r local or not, n then charge them accordingly!

thos idiots saw my passport n started calculating USD. he said it'll cost me some 100bucks for each page ( i had 4 copies of 3 pages each ). when we started arguing, he came down to 100bucks per copy. eventually he passed it on to another jerk n that fellow askd for some more money... it took us about 10 to 15 minutes to get rid of these guys n take my photocopied papers from them! thank God i didnt hand over my original passport to them!!

we just walked away saying that we know ppl inside n we can get it done without having to pay anything, n one of those idiots actually told us sarcastically that we wont get our work done without them!

this guy got everything done for us for 50 bucks

while waiting for him, we ended up taking pics of ourselves

n also d fools who tried to cheat us. if we were stopped n questioned, we were planning to tell them that we were journalism students working for d press and were taking pics for our report about bribery ! hehehe

but those fellows didnt have d guts to stop us, nor question us. u should have seen d look on each of those idiots faces! CLASSIC!! hahahha... they knew we were taking pics, n they were trying to cover their faces or walk away! hahahhaha LOL

we had a good laugh on d way back. serves them rite!! hahhaha


from d court we went for a tamil movie in d afternoon, called "Santhosh Subramaniam". it was a nice movie. happy-go-lucky kind of a movie. it was a love story... not d sad one but d bubbly kinds.


then came back home, had bath, changed n went out to "Cake Walk".... for cake obviously la... it was my treat. four of us went in 2 bikes.

d journey itself was troublesome... because of all d traffic n pollution... so, initially when we got d cakes that we wanted.. we started eating quietly... all of us werent really in a chirpy mood but we were enjoying our food.

we ordered mango cheese cake, choco rum cake, chocolate fudge, and chocolate dessert i think.. i dont remember wat its called.

d actual fun started only after we finished d cakes. shalini came up with d idea of playing truth or dare.. so we played that... using a cup instead of a bottle.. cos we didnt have any bottles around to spin.

1st was kavya's turn.. she chose truth, n her question was who was her dream date.. she was thinking n thinking for so long n finally came up with d character which we saw in d movie that afternoon.

next was me.. i chose dare.. cos truth was kindda boring... shalini gave me my dare.. thinking that i wont do it.. little does she know about me! hahahha. my dare was to walk up to d road, stop any vehicle ( a car, or bike..n only male drivers or riders ), ask them for a lift n then say no thank u n way away when they've agreed.

i was game for it... i happily walked to d main road n waited for my victim to come along. d others followed me to see if i'm really doing it or not.. d only problem was that that road was under major construction n so there werent many ppl passing by that area... n even if there were any vehicles... it wasnt convenient for them to stop.. so no one stopped for almost 5 minutes i think.

but i managed to stop one guy on a bike.. i went up to him n asked him for lift till d corner.. he took one good look at me, turned around to look behind him n immediately said "ok, np". n i was like.. y did he agree so soon? wat am i supposed to do now?! so i just told him that it was ok n i have to wait for a friend.. he insisted a few times after that.. but eventually went cos i walked away....

when i went back to d restaurant.. my friends were very impressed! shalini hailed me, kavya was very surprised, charu was shocked to d core! hahaha... n it seems charu was hiding behind a tree so that no one sees her. it was dark in d 1st place.. n i was d one doing d dare.. not her... its not like that guy was gonna kidnap her if i dont sit on his bike! LOL

anyway, after me was charu.. who chose truth.. n her question was "how/when was her 1st kiss".. n i dont really remember wat she said...she never really answered it anyways

shalini's was d last one... i knew she would choose dare cos she's usually game for anything.. n i already had a dare for her in mind! i dared her to walk up to d guys working behind d counter n ask them for a free 'oreos cheese cake'! hahaha... Shalini was zapped in d beginning. she tried justifying by saying that they wont give anything for free n that sort of stuff. but her dare was just to ask them.. it doesnt matter if they dont give... if they give .. then it's a bonus for us! LOL...

so, she walked inside n i followed rite behind her... she asked d 1st guy who was free. she asked him if he could give her a free oeros cheese cake. n that guy was like 'eerr... which one?' n he was staring at all d cakes to figure out which one shalini was asking for.. n then when he looked up.. he saw me giving my mischievous smile n laughing uncontrollably.. n he knew something was wrong n he didnt hear it rite d 1st time. so he asked her shalini wat she wanted n shalini bluntly asked if she could have a free cake n this guy was like "no.... :S" hahahha!! he was so blur! shalini just said 'ok thank u' n then we practically got all our stuff n walked off from that place!! LOL!

on d way back.. charu asw us having fun doing d dare so she agreed that she would do a dare... she chose d perfect timing to tell us that! we were waiting on d road at a traffic light... so shalini told her to get down from her bike n do a somersault twice on d road!! hahahha

no.. charu didnt do that... i modified it a little bit... i dared her to stop her bike at d next traffic light n run around d car in front of us twice while singing loudly... but she cheated at d 1st traffic light.. she only did half a round n she didnt sing.... so she had to do it again at d next traffic light... n her dare got modified even more! hahha... she had to to take off her helmet while running around d car n shout at d driver n then come back to her bike!

she did it this time... but not exactly as her dare was... but still almost there.. everyone else around us were staring at us! hahhahha... that poor lady driver must have been petrified! hahahha

today was fun... very very tiring from morning... but turned out fun towards d end...

its 2.20am now.. i got to wake up early again tomorrow to go to church! there goes another day of beauty sleep =(

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Mounika said...

Hi Chumi,

That was one helluva blog...enjoyed it thoroughly!!!

You should start honing this skill of yours seriously...Its too good to be left just as an interest...